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Updated on Jun 2023
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Salutations from Natalie Thompson, your devoted relationship advisor! I’ve started a fascinating journey into the fascinating world of Vietnamese brides, a topic rife with rich cultural subtleties. We are about to reveal the fascinating story of “Vietnamese mail order brides,” an unusual phenomenon that has aroused interest around the world. I’m excited to share the findings of my in-depth research, which shed light on the allure of Vietnamese wives and show how true love can cross all cultural boundaries.

Dating Sites To Find Vietnamese Brides


Vietnamese Mail Order Wives – Top Aspects

🏡Traditional ValuesVietnamese brides often hold traditional values, emphasizing the importance of family and mutual respect.
🎓Educational LevelA significant proportion of Vietnamese brides have a college education, demonstrating their intellectual capabilities.
💬Language SkillsMany Vietnamese brides have a good command of English, facilitating effective communication.
🌎Cultural AdaptabilityThey often display impressive adaptability to their partner’s culture, while also sharing their own rich heritage.
❤️Commitment to RelationshipsVietnamese brides are known for their commitment and dedication to their relationships, often putting their partner’s needs ahead of their own.
👸AppearanceVietnamese brides are admired for their delicate beauty and graceful style, often drawing global attention.

Meet a Vietnamese Mail Order Brides

Calligraphy, Hiking
Poetry, Yoga
Ikebana, Photography

What Makes Vietnamese Brides So Great As Wives? 

Vietnamese brides are renowned for their commitment to family values and hardworking nature. These traits, combined with their graceful beauty, make Vietnamese women ideal wives. They are willing to make sacrifices for the well-being of their family, and most Vietnamese ladies carry this dedication into their marriages.

Find a Vietnamese Girl

How Much Does a Vietnamese Bride Cost? 

When searching for a Vietnamese girl online, there are various factors to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Choosing a dating site: It’s important to pick a site that meets your needs. A credit-based approach is used by the majority of sites, which provides convenience and transparency. Credit packs of various amounts are available for purchase, and you may use them to access a range of services. A box typically costs around $70.00.
  • Asian Brides Costs for credit bundles: The dating sites often provide a variety of credit package alternatives. Here are a few instances:
  1. 20 credits for $9.99
  2. 50 credits cost $19.99.
  3. 125 credits for $44.99
  4. 250 credits for $69.99
  5. For 750 credits, $149.99
  • Vietnamese ladies typically cost around $3,000 through mail-order bride services.
  • Suitable dating sites: For your search, take into account these trustworthy websites:
  1. EasternHoneys 
  2. AsianMelodies
  3. TheLuckyDate

Tools for communication: Use a variety of communication channels to create a solid relationship with a Vietnamese girl. This can involve exchanging emails when you need some time to gather your ideas, participating in live chats for immediate contact, and exchanging voice messages to get to know one another better.

  • Sending gifts: You might think about sending your Vietnamese wife a considerate gift if you want to show her that you are sincere. Depending on her preferences, choices range from a $30 box of chocolates to a $200 bottle of perfume.
  • Additional expenses: Certain services may require additional expenses, such as accessing private photos of a Vietnamese mail order bride or obtaining her contact information. These services are provided at an extra cost.

Vietnamese Girls – Pricing Details

Costs 🏷️Estimated Cost Range ($)
Membership to a Dating Website 💻$10 – $50 per month
Translation Services 🗣️$10 – $50 per hour
Flowers and Gifts 🎁$20 – $200
Visiting Vietnam (flights, hotels, meals) ✈️🏨🍜$1000 – $5000
Visa Process and Documentation 📑$200 – $1000
Wedding in Vietnam 👰🤵$2000 – $20,000

Dialog with an Vietnamese Woman Seeking Love

What motivated you to explore online dating, and what qualities are you hoping to find in a potential partner?

: I wanted to broaden my horizons and meet people outside my usual circles. I'm looking for someone who values communication, shares common interests, and has a genuine and respectful personality.

Can you share some experiences, positive or challenging, that you've had on dating sites?

It's been an interesting journey with enjoyable conversations and a few challenges. Staying positive and true to myself has been crucial in navigating the ups and downs.

What characteristics do you appreciate in a potential partner, and how do you handle cultural differences in your search?

I value open-mindedness and a willingness to learn about different cultures. Embracing diversity is important, and finding common ground helps bridge any cultural gaps.

How do you transition from online interactions to building a genuine connection with someone?

While online conversations are a good start, meeting in person is essential for a deeper connection. It brings a more authentic understanding of each other and takes the relationship to another level.

Any advice for others navigating the world of online dating, especially those interested in connecting with an Asian woman?

Be genuine, patient, and open-minded. Show interest in each other's cultures, communicate openly, and remember that building a meaningful connection takes time—it's all part of the journey.

Legal Aspects: Is It Legal to Buy a Vietnamese Bride? 

A Vietnamese mail order bride arrangement is a legal procedure that typically involves various steps, including the payment for tickets, visa processing, and more. This process allows individuals to connect with Vietnamese mail order brides through a reputable agency or online platform for the purpose of marriage or long-term relationships.

Here are some key aspects of the Vietnamese mail order bride process:

  • Selection of a reputable agency or platform: Individuals interested in finding a Vietnamese girls typically choose a trustworthy agency or online platform specializing in international matchmaking. These services ensure a reliable and regulated process.
  • Communication and connection: Once registered, individuals can communicate with Vietnamese mail order brides who are also interested in finding a foreign partner. This initial stage allows both parties to establish a connection and determine compatibility.
  • Visa processing: If a relationship develops and there is a desire to bring the Vietnamese bride to the individual’s home country, the visa application process comes into play. This involves meeting specific requirements and providing necessary documentation to obtain the appropriate visa for marriage or long-term stay.
  • Financial responsibilities: As part of the process, individuals are typically responsible for covering expenses related to the Vietnamese ladies journey, such as tickets for travel, visa fees, and any other legal requirements. These financial obligations are agreed upon and handled according to the terms set by the agency or platform.

It’s important to note that the legality and regulations surrounding mail order bride arrangements may vary in different countries. Therefore, it is crucial to research and comply with the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdictions to ensure a smooth and lawful process.

Dating Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: 5 Helpful Tips

  • Understand culture: Respecting her culture shows your serious intentions.
  • Be sincere: Honesty is highly appreciated by Vietnamese mail order brides
  • Show respect: Treat her with the respect she deserves.
  • Be patient: Don’t rush the relationship.
  • Make an effort to communicate: Overcoming the language barrier shows you value the relationship.

Success Stories from Couples 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Success Story #1 Image
Clark and Corrine TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Clark and Corrine are one of the success stories of mail order brides. They met through a mail order bride service and hit it off immediately. They were married within six months and have been together for over five years now. They have two children and a happy home. Clark and Corrine are living proof that mail order brides can work out well. If you're thinking of using a mail order bride service, their story is one to keep in mind. It's possible to find your perfect match through these services, so don't give up hope. Who knows, you could be the next Clark and Corrine!
Success Story #2 Image
Jonathan and Estella AsianMelodies logo
Jonathan and Estella's dating success story is one that is mail-order brides becoming more and more common. But it's not just the fact that mail-order brides are more common that makes their story so special, it's the fact that against all odds, they found each other and fell in love. And, mail-order bride stories like Jonathan and Estella's are becoming more and more common partly because, as our world gets smaller, there are just more options out there. With the advent of the internet, mail-order brides are no longer confined to women who live in far away countries; there are now mail-order bride websites that cater to women from all over the world. So, whether you're looking for a mail-order bride from Russia or a mail-order bride from Brazil, your chances of finding your perfect match are better than ever before. And, who knows, maybe your own mail-order bride story will be as successful as Jonathan and Estella's!

Vietnamese Women: Family-Oriented and Valuing Family

Family holds a central place in culture, and this value is deeply ingrained in Vietnamese wives. They prioritize their families above all else and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure the happiness and well-being of their loved ones. Vietnamese wives are known for their unwavering dedication to their husbands, children, and extended family members. They understand the importance of maintaining strong family bonds and work tirelessly to create a harmonious and nurturing home environment. For a deeper understanding of Vietnamese family values, you might find the Family Structure and Values in Vietnam on the Vietnam Online website an informative read

Vietnamese wives exhibit a strong sense of selflessness, often making significant sacrifices for the sake of their families. They are willing to put their own needs and desires aside to prioritize the needs of their loved ones. This selfless nature is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture and is highly valued in marital relationships.

Gorgeous Vietnamese Brides

Mi-Young photo
Mi-Young photo
Mi-Young photo
Age 24
Occupation Nurse
Hobbies Cook
English level B1
Weight 58kg
Height 170cm
Looking for Western Man

Why Do Men Look for Vietnamese Wives for Marriage?

There are several reasons why men seek Vietnamese women for marriage. One of the key factors is the exceptional qualities that Vietnamese mail order brides possess. Vietnamese or asian women are renowned for their beauty, both inside and out. They take great pride in their appearance and maintain a graceful and feminine demeanor. Their physical attractiveness, coupled with their gentle nature and traditional values, makes them highly desirable to men seeking a deep and meaningful connection.

Vietnamese wives are also known for their family-oriented mindset. They prioritize the well-being and happiness of their families above all else. Men who value the importance of family and seek a partner who shares this sentiment are often drawn to Vietnamese wives. Vietnamese wife are loving, devoted, and dedicated to their husbands. They are committed to building a strong and lasting marital bond, making them ideal life partners for those seeking a lifelong commitment.

Additionally, Vietnamese girls possess qualities such as humility, respect, and a deep sense of loyalty. They embrace their traditional role as wives and value the responsibilities that come with it. Vietnamese wives are supportive partners who strive to create a harmonious and fulfilling marriage.

How to Find a Vietnamese Bride for Marriage?

Finding a Vietnamese bride for marriage has become more accessible through the availability of online dating platforms. These platforms cater specifically to individuals seeking women from Vietnam, providing a convenient and efficient way to connect with potential partners. To find a Vietnamese bride for marriage:

  1. Research about Vietnamese culture and traditions: Understanding Vietnamese culture will help you appreciate and respect your future bride’s background. It will also enable you to engage in meaningful conversations and establish a deeper connection.
  2. Select a reliable dating site: Choose a reputable dating site that specializes in connecting individuals with Vietnamese brides. Look for platforms that have a strong track record, positive user reviews, and comprehensive security measures to ensure a safe online dating Vietnamese brides experience.
  3. Create a compelling profile: Craft an authentic and appealing profile that showcases your personality, interests, and relationship goals. Be honest about your intentions to attract like-minded Vietnamese women who are seeking a serious commitment.
  4. Reach out to Vietnamese ladies: Take the initiative to connect with Vietnamese women who catch your interest. Engage in genuine and meaningful conversations, showing respect and interest in their culture, values, and aspirations.
  5. Meet her in Vietnam: If there is a genuine connection and both parties are comfortable, plan a visit to Vietnam to meet your potential bride in person. This will allow you to spend quality time together, meet her family, and gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture.
  6. Start the process of marriage: If everything aligns and you decide to pursue marriage, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and processes involved. Seek guidance from professionals who can assist you with obtaining the necessary visas and paperwork to ensure a smooth transition for your Vietnamese bride.

Ready to Meet Your Ideal Vietnamese Wife?

If you are ready to meet your ideal Vietnamese wife, take the following key steps:

  • Educate yourself about culture, traditions, and values. This knowledge will enable you to appreciate and respect your future wife’s background.
  • Choose a reputable and reliable dating site that caters specifically to individuals seeking Vietnamese brides. Look for platforms with a strong reputation and positive user reviews.
  • Create a compelling and genuine profile that reflects your personality, interests, and relationship goals. Be clear about your intentions to attract Vietnamese women who are seeking a serious and committed relationship.
  • If there is a genuine connection and both parties are comfortable, plan a visit to Vietnam to meet your potential wife in person. Spend quality time together, meet her family, and immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture.
  • If the relationship progresses and both parties are ready, begin the process of marriage. Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements and seek professional assistance to navigate the paperwork and visa processes smoothly.

Remember, building a genuine and lasting relationship requires time, effort, and mutual understanding. Approach the process with patience, respect, and sincerity, and you may find your ideal girl.

How to Attract a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride?

To attract a Vietnamese mail order bride, consider the following tips and recommendations:

  1. Be respectful: Show genuine respect for Vietnamese culture, traditions, and values. Demonstrate that you are open-minded and willing to embrace and learn about her background.
  2. Be patient: Building a connection takes time, especially when there are cultural differences. Be patient and understanding, allowing the relationship to develop naturally.
  3. Be sincere: Singles from Vietnam appreciate sincerity and honesty. Be genuine in your interactions, expressing your true feelings and intentions.
  4. Show interest in her culture: Take the initiative to learn about Vietnamese culture, customs, and traditions. Ask questions, listen attentively, and show a genuine curiosity about her background.
  5. Value her views: Vietnamese mail order brides have unique perspectives shaped by their culture and experiences. Respect her opinions and perspectives, engaging in meaningful conversations that foster mutual understanding and growth.
  6. Be supportive: Demonstrate your support for her dreams, aspirations, and personal growth. Encourage her to pursue her passions and goals, offering your assistance and encouragement along the way.

Remember, attracting a Vietnamese mail order bride is about building a genuine connection based on mutual respect, understanding, and support. Show your commitment to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

Understand Her Culture 🇻🇳Show genuine interest in her culture, traditions, and customs. This signals that you care about her background and are interested in her life.
Be Respectful 👩‍❤️‍👨Treat her with the same respect and kindness you would want to receive. Avoid any language or behavior that might be considered offensive or disrespectful.
Honesty is Key 💑Be genuine about your intentions, feelings, and life. Honesty is highly valued in Vietnamese culture.
Have Patience ⏳These things take time. Be patient with her and with the whole process of finding, getting to know, and courting a mail order bride.
Demonstrate Stability 🏠A stable life, career, and finances can be attractive qualities as they symbolize a safe future. It’s not about being wealthy but being reliable and responsible.

How to Get a Vietnamese Bride? A Practical Guide

If you are ready to pursue a Vietnamese lady, follow this practical guide:

  • Join a reliable dating site: Choose a reputable dating site that specializes in connecting individuals with Vietnamese brides. Ensure the platform prioritizes security and has a good track record of successful matches.
  • Interact with Vietnamese girls: Engage in conversations and get to know Vietnamese women who share your values and relationship goals. Take the time to build a connection based on trust and mutual understanding.
  • Visit Vietnam: Plan a trip to Vietnam to meet your potential bride in person. This will allow you to spend quality time together, experience Vietnamese culture firsthand, and get to know her family and background.
  • Begin the legal process: If both parties are ready and committed to marriage, familiarize yourself with the legal requirements involved. Seek professional guidance to navigate the paperwork, visas, and any necessary documentation for marriage in your country.

Top Vietnamese Dating Sites


EasternHoneys is a highly reputable dating site that focuses on connecting western men with beautiful Vietnamese mail order brides. The platform provides a user-friendly interface and advanced search features to help you find your ideal match. With a large user base and high success rate, EasternHoneys offers a reliable and effective way to meet Vietnamese brides.


  • Extensive user base of Vietnamese mail order brides seeking serious relationships.
  • Advanced search tools to narrow down your preferences and find compatible matches.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation for a seamless online dating experience.


  • Certain communication features require a paid membership.
  • Limited free options for interacting with potential matches.


OrchidRomance is another popular dating site known for connecting men with girls from Vietnam. The site offers a wide range of communication tools and features, including live chat and video calls, to facilitate meaningful connections. OrchidRomance ensures a safe and secure environment for online dating.


  • Diverse and active user base of Vietnamese women looking for long-term relationships.
  • Secure platform with robust privacy measures to protect user information.
  • Multiple communication options, including chat and video calls, to foster genuine connections.


  • Premium features require a paid membership.
  • Some profiles may not be verified, requiring users to exercise caution.


AsianMelodies is a reputable dating site that caters to individuals seeking Vietnamese brides. The platform offers a vast selection of profiles, allowing you to browse through numerous options and find your perfect match. AsianMelodies provides advanced communication tools and a reliable customer support team.


  • Large database of Vietnamese women, increasing the chances of finding compatible matches.
  • Secure platform with strict verification procedures to ensure genuine profiles.
  • Effective communication features, including instant chat and email services.


  • Certain features require purchasing credits.
  • It may take time to find a perfect match due to the extensive user base.


DateYourGirl is a trusted dating site with a specific focus on Vietnamese mail order wives. The platform provides a range of features to help you connect with potential Vietnamese brides, including messaging, video calls, and gift delivery services. DateYourGirl emphasizes user safety and provides helpful dating tips for a successful online dating experience.


  • Dedicated to connecting western men with Vietnamese brides for marriage.
  • Various communication tools and services to foster meaningful connections.
  • Safety measures to protect users from scams and fraudulent activities.


  • Free features are limited, and full access requires a paid membership.
  • Some services, such as gift delivery, incur additional costs.


LoverWhirl is a reputable dating site that offers a platform for men to meet Vietnamese women. The site provides a user-friendly interface and comprehensive search options to help you find your ideal match. With strict security measures and a commitment to user satisfaction, LoverWhirl is a reliable choice for those seeking Vietnamese brides.


  • Large database of Vietnamese mail order brides actively seeking relationships with foreign men.
  • Advanced search tools and filters to narrow down your search criteria.
  • Strong security measures to protect user data and ensure a safe online environment.


  • Premium features require a subscription or purchasing credits.
  • Some communication tools may have limitations for free users.

Please note that while these dating sites are considered reliable, it’s important to exercise caution and use your discretion when interacting with potential matches online.

How to Choose a Reliable Vietnamese Dating Site?

In choosing a reliable Vietnamese dating site, consider factors such as the site’s reputation, the number of active users, security measures, and success stories. Ensure that the site has measures to verify the authenticity of profiles to avoid scams. Websites like AsianMelodies specialize in Asian brides, making them ideal for men looking to marry foreign women, especially from Asian countries.

Benefits Of Seeking A Vietnamese Woman For Marriage Online

Online dating has several benefits. It allows western men to meet beautiful Vietnamese women without traveling to Vietnam. Vietnamese mail order brides value loyalty and commitment, making them ideal for men seeking a long-term relationship. These women are not just beautiful; they are caring, family-oriented, and respectful, traits often different from typical western women.

Places To Meet Vietnamese Mail Order Brides In 2023

In 2023, apart from visiting Vietnam physically, the best place to meet Vietnamese brides is on international dating sites. Here, you can interact with single Vietnamese women seeking a foreign husband. Online platforms provide ample opportunities to understand the typical Vietnamese girl’s culture and expectations before making any commitments.

In addition to online dating sites, there are several other places where you can meet Vietnamese brides in 2023:

  • Vietnamese Community Events: Attend local Vietnamese community events, festivals, or cultural gatherings in your area. These events often provide opportunities to meet Vietnamese women who share their heritage and cultural background. Engaging in community activities can help you establish connections and develop relationships with Vietnamese brides.
  • Vietnamese Restaurants and Cafes: Visit Vietnamese restaurants or cafes that are popular among the Vietnamese community. These establishments can serve as social hubs where you can meet Vietnamese mail order bride in a relaxed and friendly environment. Strike up conversations, show interest in their culture, and build connections with potential Vietnamese brides.
  • Language and Cultural Exchange Programs: Participate in language and cultural exchange programs that connect foreigners with Vietnamese individuals. These programs create a platform for intercultural interactions, allowing you to meet Vietnamese women who are interested in learning about your culture while sharing their own. This can lead to meaningful connections and potential romantic relationships.

Legitimacy of Dating and Meeting Vietnamese Women on Websites

The legitimacy of dating and meeting Vietnamese women on websites is upheld by the numerous successful relationships and marriages that have resulted from such platforms. Although there may be concerns about scams involving mail order Vietnamese brides, many men have successfully found their Vietnamese wife through these channels.

Online platforms offer various communication tools, such as instant messaging, video calls, and email services, allowing you to establish a connection and get to know Vietnamese women before making any commitments. These platforms also provide valuable resources and information about Vietnamese culture, customs, and traditions, helping to bridge the cultural gap and foster understanding between partners.

How to Avoid Scams with Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Warning Signs and Recommendations

To avoid scams when seeking Vietnamese mail order wives, be cautious of profiles that seem too good to be true. Also, avoid sharing sensitive information until you’ve established a level of trust. A typical warning sign is a request for money or gifts by young girls you’ve just met on the site. Always use reputable dating sites with strong security measures.


Seeking a Vietnamese bride online is an exciting journey. Vietnamese mail order bride are significantly different from western and Japanese women, making them an intriguing option for men looking to marry foreigners. They are beautiful, caring, and respectful, qualities that endear them to men worldwide. With reputable dating sites, you can meet and interact with these local women, potentially finding your future spouse in the process. However, be aware of potential scams and navigate the online dating world with caution.

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