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Mail Order Bride Blog Discovering Options to Buy a Wife

Discovering Options to Buy a Wife

Updated on Mar 2022
by Natalie Thompson
October 29, 2021
11 mins to read

Who has never improvised matchmaker, perhaps inviting unhappily single friends to dinner? The same happens when we use online dating sites and marriage agencies. Some have doubts about using this type of meeting. Others have already tried dating sites. But what should a man do if he wants to buy a wife? Can he meet them online?

The Concept of a Mail Order Wife

The term “mail order bride” refers to a woman who joins an international dating site. She posts information about her personality and uploads photos to find a man from another, more developed country. The title “mail-order” refers to the fact that these women published their data in a mail order bride catalog that foreign men can see.

Stunning mail order wives come from numerous continents:

  • Asian countries
  • Latin American countries
  • European countries
  • Eastern European countries

And the reason you could find many charming online wives looking for love is their desire to get a better life. They strive to live in a more economically developed country, such as the United States, Canada, or Australia. Single men who are interested in buying and meeting a wife online are established and confident personalities. They could have been divorced or have not succeeded with women in the past.

Why Do Single Men Seek a Wife Online?

In many cases, males decide to buy a woman from a less developed country for several reasons. Below are some of them.

  • They believe that a legit mail order bride wants to establish a strong bond with a man.
  • Every online wife wants to date a decent man, allowing him to take a leading role in relationships and marriage.
  • Many brides are against feminist trends and admit the dominance of males in society.
  • Some men have had a stressful experience in finding a wife in real life.
  • Meeting in life is an unnecessary step to communicate and find common ground with a wife online.

Is the Process of Buying a Wife Legal?

Problems with mail order marriages have brought close surveillance to the mail-order wife movement in the United States. A law was signed into action in 2006 called the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). It imposes strict enforcement on a man who strives to buy or order a wife using a marriage broker and marriage agencies.

The Functionalities of Mail Order Bride Services

The traditional marriage agencies have been expanded to online dating sites and apps. Many young and friendly men and women use the Internet to post their ads and meet a perfect match. Some of the popular dating apps and sites include Tinder, Match, Zoosk, Badoo. You should have heard about one of them and understood the concept of their functionality. But today, we are going to talk about services aimed at marriage and romantic relationships. They facilitate connection and allow men to buy a bride without leaving a homeland.

Buy a Wife

Essential Tools Offered on Online Bride Services

Such services aim to establish contact between two partners. Various mail order bride sites offer a chance to buy a woman you have been thinking of and connect with her without leaving your homeland. Below are some functionalities typical matrimonial service takes at the disposal of men who want to meet a wife.

  • Register on the site you have chosen by specifying your country, age, name. You are free to choose a pseudonym and enter an email address that no one else can get access to.
  • Upload a series of photos that portray you at best. Some services give users recommendations on which image to upload if they plan to buy a foreign bride.
  • Sites to meet a wife allow men to show their best qualities. Be self-confident and energetic to find a foreign wife.
  • After you log in to your account, you get access to a broad base of women looking for American men. Many wives have eye-catching photos and detailed profiles to give you the right image of their personalities. Men discover if they have a lot in common with brides even before buying them.
  • Search filters are there to accompany you in your dating and buying process. Whether it’s age, country, culture, children, habits, education, you are free to discover numerous details about your potential wife.
  • Chatting and messaging tools let male users write romantic texts and conquer a woman. You broaden your horizons, and by turning on your charms, you make online wives have a crush on you.
  • Members have no limitations concerning the number of wives they contact and buy. If you wish to buy a woman, you should use all the opportunities offered. With some mail order brides, you won’t come up with topic ideas. With others, you would feel at ease and have a lot in common.
  • Try to get the phone number of your potential wife or buy gifts to make her happier. It’s a great tool to get your partnership to another level.
  • In some cases, you already feel the chemistry between you and your woman. You fall in love with each other. It’s time to buy a girl and organize a date in real life.
  • Buy a ticket to fly to your lady. And it’s the last step in the process of buying a wife online.

Reasons Mail Order Brides Seek Husbands on the Internet

If our tooth hurts, we go to the dentist. If the car breaks down, we go to a specialized auto service and buy their services. No wonder if I want to find a wife, I turn to the international dating portals. But what are the reasons that motivate stunning foreign women to register on such sites?

Bad Economic Conditions

Some charming brides live in bad conditions. By posting their ads on mail order bride services, they believe in the chance to leave their country. When a foreigner buys a girl, she starts a life full of colorful emotions.

Desire to Develop

Goal-oriented European wives get an excellent level of education; many get a degree. In their home countries, they don’t see any chance of broadening horizons and advancing professionally. Marrying a foreigner is a chance to continue education and development.

A Wish to Feel Love

Foreigners who register on matrimonial services to buy a bride cannot understand why there are so many charming single ladies. The reason is apparent: these ladies cannot imagine being wives of local men. They dream of a husband who shows respect and support.

Chance to Have a Stable Future

We should also not overlook the political situations many women try to avoid. Besides, domestic violence in families is another reason women try to leave their city or country. No wonder it’s easy to find a girl from developing countries.

How Can a Man Buy a Mail Order Wife?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a “bond” with gorgeous-looking women looking for love? Some guys think that buying and meeting a wife is a challenging process. But in reality, it flows naturally and requires less effort than you think.

Step-By-Step Process of Meeting a Wife

In the past, a mail-order wife may have gone to marry a man she had never met before. Today, you buy a girl after communicating in a chat. Let’s look at the process of buying a lady in detail.

  1. Choose a service with a high success rate.
  2. Check reviews of some popular services to buy a wife online in comfort and convenience.
  3. Register and start communication.
  4. Try to stand out from other male users and remain yourself. To buy a lady and win her heart, using standard pick-up phrases is not a great tactic.
  5. Purchase a membership or buy credits.
  6. Most wife finder services are paid. A site’s team is improving the site and accompanying you in your search. Memberships on services on buying ladies require monthly payments. And another way to use paid tools is to buy credits. It’s a virtual currency you spend whenever you want to buy a bride online.
  7. Organize an online meeting.
  8. Talk to your potential wife using video to check if she is worth your attention. Spend money on buying her if she proves to be your match.
  9. Travel to the country where your bride lives.
  10. Impress your foreign bride by visiting her country and meeting her in life.
  11. Check what documents you need to register a marriage.
  12. Becoming a husband of a foreign girl requires much paperwork and time. Some marriage agencies can help you with buying a woman.
  13. Plan your wedding.

Here you are! You have succeeded in buying a great lady. You have reached your goal and drink a glass of champagne to celebrate the birth of a new couple.

Find Girl Online

Choosing the Best Country to Find a Girl Online

An international marriage agency is a great way to meet and buy ladies after a negative experience in real-life dating. Millions of people worldwide want to find a suitable partner, build a happy family, and live their best lives. Where do real mail order wives live, and where can you buy them?

Latin America

The appearance of Latin American beauties is hot and sunny. These are swarthy and busty beauties seeking new acquaintances and friends. If you want to find a bride in Latin America, expect them to be energetic, sporty, smiling, and goal-oriented. These wives value family ties and husbands’ opinions.


  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic


Gentle and petite girls are a typical image of Asian women. They put a lot of time and effort into their beauty and have a well-groomed appearance and slender figure. After you buy Asian wives, you notice how they value stability in relationships, happy children, and their husbands.


  • China
  • Japan
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Philippines

Eastern Europe

Women from Eastern Europe are feminine. They also pay attention to their intellectual development, seek opportunities to find their place in life. For example, many Russian mail order brides use every chance to try their luck working and studying abroad. By buying an Eastern European beauty, you get a combination of a family- and a career-oriented woman.


  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Poland
  • Hungary


Although many European girls fight for equality between men and women, they remain feminine and sexy. The mix of style, natural beauty, and smartness is an excellent way to win the hearts of single foreign men.


  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Portugal

Choose a country based on your preferences! Never rely on the advice your friends or the Internet gives you regarding choosing a nationality of a bride. Listen to your heart.

Basic Stats About Mail Order Bride Sites

Many sites offer their services at different prices. But what service should you choose to find a foreign bride? Below we show some basic stats of using online services. And before using any portal and buying a subscription, keep these facts in mind.

  • Women register on online portals to buy a ticket into a romantic life. They want to feel love and support.
  • While using any site to buy wife, there shouldn’t be any information on the duration of your communication before the actual meeting takes place. You are free to chat as much time as you want without further real-life dates.
  • Different agencies focus on various nationalities, age groups, or relationships statuses. Choose the site concerning your tastes in women.
  • Great portals should offer blog articles on how to find a wife abroad. Some even shoot video guides to make the process straightforward.
  • The customer support team should work 24/7 to address the issues users face when trying to buy wives. Members can also read the FAQs section to discover the main problems that occur.

Benefits of Using Mail Order Services

Every man wants to see the result of his search. When he searches in life, receiving a refusal, he starts doubting his beauty, charm, education. But the problem is that he is looking in the wrong place. Choosing dating sites to find a wife online free of stressful situations, he gets many benefits.

  • Wide choice of stunning brides who are ready to talk and get closer.
  • Lack of social boundaries to discuss numerous topics.
  • More open behavior and sincere communication.
  • Motivation to buy a mail order girl who shares your passions and goals.
  • Chance to learn the language, discover a new culture and hobbies by dating a foreign lady and buying her.
  • Save your valuable time by using a foreign wife finder without leaving your homeland.

Is It Okay to Seek Wives Online?

While you wait for the desired women to appear in your life, other foreigners register on online sites and chat with women from all over the world. There is nothing shameful in online relationships and chatting with a mail order wife. On the contrary, imagine how great it is to buy a charming person. A person who shares your views on life but lives thousands of kilometers away from you. How would you meet if there weren’t any online sites?

Natalie Thompson
Writer at Jetbride
Natalie Thompson is a successful author and dating coach with 8 years of experience in connecting European-American singles. She focuses on new romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, and long-term partnerships. She helps people to understand how relationships reflect how they see themselves. Our author has over 1,4 million views on her TED talk and over 300,000 YouTube subscribers. She helped to create this website for men who want to meet a foreign girl but are lack of information or confidence.

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