European Women vs American Women

Updated on Jul 2023
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European and U.S cultures have lots of interesting similarities. However, even the most seemingly similar cultures can have subtle differences that impact the entire dating experience. Keep reading to discover the main differences between American women vs European women and how to find a wife in Europe and the USA.

What Is The Difference Between Women From Europe And America

For your better understanding of the main differences in American vs European women, it’s essential that we start from the surface. Let’s see what makes the difference between American vs European girls in terms of appearance, character, education, and behavior.


It’s an absolute truth that the two nations are mesmerizingly beautiful. Their beauty lies in their diversity. Both America and Europe accept immigrants from all around the world. As a result of decades of international connections, women of all skin, hair, and eye colors were born. Nevertheless, there is an aspect that helps me draw the line between American girls vs European girls. First, European women for marriage are more hooked on the way they look. Compared to American mail-order brides, ladies from Europe pay more attention to their looks. The beauty industry is highly developed, especially in the Eastern part of Europe. Keep reading to learn more about European women vs American women for dating and make your choice.

Personality Traits

Personality features are the top aspect to consider when choosing a girl. To be honest, speaking of the US women vs European women, the difference in their characters may seem blurred (not when it comes to Eastern European girlfriends). However, let me point out 3 most distinctive personality traits that will help your better understanding the contrast between the women two nations:

  • The US girls are more open to a casual relationship.
  • Charming European women may be reserved on the first date.
  • In Europe, ladies love accepting of gifts and bouquets.
european girls vs american girls

Educational Background

Attitude to life, family, appearance, and many other things depend on culture and education. These are the fundamentals of any personality.

In both America and Europe, girls have easy access to educational institutions. In some states, females even perform better than men in universities. It’s reported that 58% of graduates in the EU are ladies, which is amazing. It’s common for local females looking for American men to obtain bachelor’s and master’s degrees and aim for the best universities. High education is highly respected and valued in Europe.

The US educational system is more focused on the practical application of skills than on theory, as local colleges help students to succeed in their careers. School graduates take their time to think about the future paths before enrolling in the university or college. They are more about finding their vocation and working in that sphere.

Attitude to International Dating

Key Differences In European Vs American Women lie in their attitude to international dating. Both women are fond of meeting a guy from another country and building a family with him. Interracial couples are a normal occurrence in the US and European states as well, and such partnership usually turns out to be great.

There are plenty of reasons why women looking for love prefer a foreigner to date. In general, this is a love of exotic options and a non-judgmental environment inside the counties. Besides, they believe that foreigners are more capable of romantic gestures.

European and American Dating Culture: Differences and Similarities

Ladies from America and Europe may have a lot in common, but their dating culture is not. So how dating American women differs from dating ladies from Europe. Here are the subtleties an American will notice while dating a European partner and vise versa.

American Tend to Label Relationship Stages

Generally, an American dating culture tends to certain periodization of relationships. When going out with an American mail order bride, you will need to clarify whether this is a meeting between two friends or a formal date. Intentions are often clearly established between two parties. In Europe, outings like going to concerts or even grabbing a coffee offered in a more formal way than in the US.

Europeans are More Reserved

When Americans date, you may observe a lot more confidence in the couple’s behavior. Americans behave very straightforwardly. They feel like they need to show their true colors and act on their ease to create a favorable impression.

On the other hand, Europeans are more reticent in the display of feelings and self-confidence. In the first stages of relationships, European brides can be best described as reserved with a lower-key-self assurance.

Americans Surf the Field More

Europeans feel very focused on their relationship and do their best for them to succeed. They enjoy the time together spent with a partner and invest efforts into an already existing affair. European mindset is more family-oriented. On the contrary, Americans are taught that they have many options. Dating around and flirting with many potential matches is normal for them. Sometimes, it may be hard for them to “settle down” as they want to choose the best possible partner for them.

Dress is More Relaxed in the U.S

It’s a well-known fact that all U.S citizens prefer to dress up with an emphasis on comfort. Of course, it may depend on occasion but in most cases, and an American would prefer to get dressed in a more relaxed way on a first date. Clothes and style are probably the most noticeable difference between the two nations. For European girls, dressing is more formal attire. They care about the way they look. When dating European women, you can expect them to look more festive than in everyday routine.

Europeans Meet More Organically

In America, it’s normal when people don’t know each other before the first date. People prefer to chat and meet through online dating apps or in social venues like bars or clubs. At the same time, Europeans meet through mutual friends or social gatherings. A future couple is often introduced to each other by someone they both know.

The Main Differences Between Western European and Eastern European Women

When traveling to different parts of Europe, a foreign love-seeker can easily spot the difference between women from Europe’s Western and Eastern parts. So what makes these ladies different?

A male who’s ever been to Russia or Ukraine can admit the undeniable beauty and feminine nature of local brides. They are well-groomed and stylishly dressed. They accept a man’s authority and love to feel fragile behind the strong backs of their boyfriends. In Eastern Europe, ladies love when men pamper them and bring gifts. These gorgeous females make men masculine.

Western Europe is a home for emancipated and independent ladies. They support the idea of gender equality in every aspect of life. A Western European mail order bride is fine with splitting the bill or confessing her feelings first, as they are very open-minded. Of course, such geographic separation is not 100% accurate. In Spain, women love to follow traditional gender roles. Their passionate blood lets them expect acts of chivalry from males.

What Makes American Women Different From Brides from Eastern Europe

These women are totally different. The main thing that makes American women for marriage different from Eastern European brides is appearance and behavior.

If a man wants to find wife in America, he should keep in mind that local brides value their personal time. They are enough liberated and self-confident to behave 100% naturally with their crush. A girl from Eastern Europe will behave modestly with a man she doesn’t know quite well.

Second, American girls for marriage are more easy and fun to be with. They are free to dress comfortably and are not afraid of judgment. Singles from Russia or Ukraine will wear at least slight makeup even when going out to the nearest store.

american girls vs european girls


How Much Do European And American Brides Cost?

There are no brides for sale in both the United States and Western Europe. Relationships with European girls for marriage and American ladies are based on mutual love interest. The “cost” of these beautiful ladies depends on how much you’re going to spend on dates and common time-spending. The wedding price will also depend on your preferences and the location of the future ceremony.

At What Age Can You Get Married In Europe And America?

In both Europe and America legal marital age is 18 for both genders. For a person aged 16 or 17, it takes parental consent to get married. The difference between European vs American girls is the average age of first marriage. In America, a couple usually gets married between 25 to 30 years, while in Europe, the average marital age is 30 years old.

How Loyal Are European And American Brides?

Very loyal. These ladies often get married as mature individuals. They fall in love and make a decision to walk down the aisle having solid ground. Thus, you can know that these ladies value what they have and will appreciate your relationships. Strong characters of the U.S and European mail-order brides help these women overcome difficulties alongside their husbands. No matter what happens, American brides nor European girlfriends can be a great choice for you.

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