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Mail Order Bride Blog Foreign Brides 101 – Updated Dating Guide 2021

Foreign Brides 101 – Updated Dating Guide 2021

Updated on Apr 2021
by admin_ZfE8K7
April 15, 2021
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Before the advent of the online dating industry, mail-order brides took on a separate form in the 20th century. First, the Americans were looking for ladies coming from well-developed countries. Already in the 20th century, the interest of American gentlemen switched to single ladies from European countries with high quality of life. Such a shift led to the emergence of mail order bride services in the 1990s. They offered mail-order brides from all parts of the world.

What Is a Mail Order Bride?

The phenomenon of dating female singles from abroad might seem relatively new. Thus, it has been around for over a quarter of a century. The origins of international marriage date back to the 1800s. This phenomenon was known as “mail order brides”. Some European singles have visited the West and managed to achieve financial success there. But they lacked the one thing – love…

Since life on the American continent was initially difficult, only a few ladies came there. Consequently, men soon faced a shortage of future wives. Men began writing letters to churches in Europe. They also placed advertisements in newspapers to find women who would like to move to America and marry them. Soon, women began posting their ads in American newspapers too. So what’s a mail order bride? This is a person who is listed in catalogs to be chosen by a man who wants to find a wife from another country.

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What Laws Affect Mail Brides?

As the Internet makes the world smaller and smaller, new ways of meeting people are becoming more popular. While personal ads posted in the newspaper used to be a somewhat awkward way to meet someone, the explosive growth of the Internet has made online dating sites almost the norm. Likewise, the Internet has also opened the door to international romantic relationships in the form of mail order services.

Marriages & Online Dating Services

More and more singles are turning to Internet sites. They cater to international marriage to meet potential partners. The so-called “mail-order services” often mediate relationships. They charge candidates and link them to suitable partners from other countries interested in emigrating to start a new life with.

However, taking such a decision is obviously associated with a rather serious gamble. This is especially true in situations where a person leaves a country due to the lack of financial capacity at home. If they come to the United States and find that they have been misled in some way, it may be financially impossible for them to return home. Moreover, such systems can be easily used to create what amounts to modern slavery trapping them in a country they don’t know. They could find themselves among people using a language they may not speak.

Acceptable Mail Brides Laws

In response to the concerns, the federal government has passed several laws regarding the mail order bride industry:

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) included provisions specifically for mail-order brides entering the United States. Likewise, the International Marriage Brokers Regulatory Act (IMBRA) sets strict rules for men who wish to know how to order a wife from another country using the services of international marriage brokers.

Referring to the following laws, men are curious about how to find a mail order bride who could become a perfect wife. Marriage brokers must provide a bride-to-be with a number of personal information, including information regarding personal finances and loans, arrests, previous marriages, children, etc. The additional information includes mail order bride success rate to know which type of a woman man has to face.

The Laws Are Called To Help Mail Order Brides

While the laws are intended to help mail-order brides who would be at a great disadvantage, opponents say the rules are too aggressive. Opponents point out that such information is not available to American mail order brides who enter into a similar relationship with an American man. All in all, a single man strives to consider all the points of where to buy a wife.

However, proponents note that such laws protect the safety and rights of foreign females, who are usually in a very different position than American women. An American woman can benefit from family, friends, and other services that a foreign woman can use. If all goes well with the mail-order bride, the citizenship process will be the same with any other person.

Marrying a US citizen is the most obvious way to do this. But the government is scrutinizing the legality of such marriages. If you are considering this approach to immigration and citizenship, you should consult with an immigration attorney before your future spouse arrives in the United States. Your lawyer can best advise you on the legal requirements for your prospective spouse to become a citizen.

Mail Order Bride Sites Continue to Thrive

As mail order bride sites continue to thrive on the Internet, it is clear that this form of matchmaking will not go away anytime soon. For both men and women considering this approach to love, the best defense is not the law but common sense.

You should find out everything you can about your potential spouse before agreeing to get married or even help immigrate to the United States. You should also check with the marriage broker who is organizing the relationship to make sure they are licensed (if applicable) and legal. If possible, you should arrange a personal meeting with your future spouse several times before deciding on a permanent relationship.

In the end, you should consult with immigration and family lawyers to ensure that you are protected, and all aspects of the immigration and marriage process run smoothly. Such a reliable way comes to the matter of how to buy a mail order bride.

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Pros & Cons Of Getting Mail Brides

There are some exceptional points to look out for when dating foreign brides. However, before diving into online dating, you should know the pros and cons of mail order brides.

Diverse Choice

Along with access, you may face the problem of multiple choice. Thousands of girls are very active on dating sites. Unsurprisingly, men easily forget their main purpose of using similar services. When they go there to find their perfect match, that is, find one girl, they start chatting with several girls at the same time. As a result, men got stuck on dating sites without moving on. If you have no idea what kind of girl you want to find, and you have trouble concentrating, it is better to stay away from online dating services.


With online dating sites, you can easily access numerous potential partners. Much more than they could ever meet in real life. What’s more, our busy lives no longer give us the luxury of having enough dates to build a strong bond between us and mail order brides. Thus, online dating saves our time.

Personality Studies

You often feel confused on your first date with someone because suddenly you can’t pick the right words and the right topic to start a conversation. Online dating services give you the opportunity to understand what kind of person you are going to date. You can spend enough time chatting to understand the girl. You have enough time to figure out how much you have in common.

Also, knowing each other mentally helps build an emotional connection which helps to build healthy relationships. Certainly, you can run into online dating scammers. But it can be easily avoided by using the services of reputable marriage agencies.

Understanding the Language

It is always better to stay with a girl who knows the language you speak. Otherwise, you may run into communication difficulties. Or worse, your communication will be accompanied by an interpreter, which will definitely ruin the intimacy.

Alternatively, you can use Google Translate in the communication process. But this tool leads to misinterpretation of information. You may say something innocent, but she may think that you mean something naughty. When she said something serious, you would laugh at the mistakes she or Google Translate had made.

Consistently, the best way is to stick with those who know the language well or those who are learning the language properly. Helping a girl with her speech is sure to strengthen her skills and improve her communication.

Why Do Men Get Mail Order Brides?

There are many other reasons why Western men want to get married. Some men want a spouse because they are single, some need money, and others hoped to find someone who shares their cultural background. It is important to note that while there were not many white women in the American West, there was no complete absence of them.

Immigrant men faced the same challenges (loneliness, poverty, harsh living conditions). But their immigrant status also provided a unique motivation to marry mail order brides. For example, Japanese men who immigrated to the United States but returned to Japan for more than 30 days were eligible to be drafted there. Marrying a photographic bride has eliminated this risk and also reduced the time and costs of long travel.

Why Do Women Become Mail Order Brides?

At some point, mail order brides were a historical curiosity. Now they are moving away from the tradition of arranged marriages and not like modern marital customs. Although exact statistics do not exist, mail-order matches represent only a minority of all marriages.

Studying the mail-order bride system is important as it provides an opportunity to explore important questions that go beyond the trivialities of a historical oddity: “How has the nature of marriage changed?” “How do laws, especially those related to immigration, affect people’s decisions?” “Where do socially subordinate groups find autonomy?” What are the unintended consequences of war and conflict?”

Thus, mail-order marriages are more than a historical phenomenon. They provide an opportunity to recognize the incredible interaction of people and their relationships. A woman always wants to be loved and desired despite various historical prejudices.

Do Mail Order Marriages Work?

When you think of getting mail order brides, you might assume that it is too simple and too good to be true. When you see all those dating sites, you might be wondering, “Are mail order brides real?” This is a perfectly logical question. No matter which dating service you choose, you will see thousands of girls from post-Soviet countries who want relationships with men-foreigners.

A significant percentage shows how mail order brides work. A number of successful couples have got married. Thus, potential grooms and foreign brides often turned to proven marriage services to seek help. It has led to satisfactory results. It is possible that the search was long, but that didn’t stop them from making the right choice. There must be some reason why all those girls are looking for men from other countries.

Most Eastern European girls are raised under strict patriarchal laws except for mail brides from Eastern Europe, where countries are de facto matriarchal. Local ladies are taught that men are central to their lives. And they should treat their men with respect. But men are far from what can be regarded as objects of respect.

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Best Country To Find Mail Order Brides

The regions where most fiance visas have been issued are:


  • Philippines;
  • Vietnam;
  • China;
  • India.

Eastern Europe

  • Ukraine;
  • Russia;
  • Belarus.

Latin America

  • Mexico;
  • Colombia;
  • Brazil.


  • Nigeria;
  • Ethiopia.

US fiance visas do not indicate the exact number of singles arriving from each region and country. But their statistics provide a specific insight into which regions are the most popular to find spouses.

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