Japanese Women Vs Chinese Women

Updated on Jul 2023
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It’s clear that people living in Japan and China have a range of similarities. An average man needs to do profound research to tell the difference between these ladies. So what are the main differences when we compare Chinese women vs Japanese women? Let’s learn all the details in this article.

What Is The Difference Between Women From Japan And China

Before we start, remember that we’re not looking for better or worse ladies. We just want to highlight the main differences in Chinese vs Japanese women, and you make a choice. So here we go!


It’s difficult for people to tell the differences in Japanese vs Chinese women. The similarities are so profound that one can easily refer to a Chinese citizen as a Japanese and vice versa. Nevertheless, even despite the fact that the two nations have a lot in common, a significant number of differences between them still exist.

Japanese mail-order brides always focus on natural beauty and skincare that leads more towards a flawless face. They have a lighter skin tone and bigger eyes angled downwards. Besides, Japanese girls look stunning in their neutral makeup styles. The people in China love smokey looks and red lipstick, making them easily distinguished among different Asian tribes.

japanese vs chinese women

Personality Traits

When it comes to personality traits, the difference between Japanese vs Chinese girls is evident. This all comes to the culture and upbringing of these brides. China women are considered to be one of the most liberated and confident ladies in Asia. They aim high in every aspect of their lives. They start dating later than Japanese women. This is because they’re trained to obtain a degree and build a career first. When in relationships, a Chinese mail order bride will make a man feel secure and will not burden him with excessive expenses. Confidence and openness are the features that mostly attract foreign fiances.

When it comes to beautiful and lovely Japanese girls for marriage, they are more likely to become homemakers. While Chinese girlfriends are all about independence and equality, Japanese brides are more feminine and tend to be more submissive. They love to stay home, raise kids, and perform house chores. They are appreciated by males with a family-oriented mindset and traditional gender roles supporters.

The Way They Carry Themselves In Public

Women from both countries have been exposed to their cultural norms and raised in accordance with the moral values of both mentalities. Thus, the difference between Chinese vs Japanese girls is easy to spot.

Chinese mail-order brides are alluring business women who act confident. They can carry themselves with decency and grace. Charming Chinese mail-order brides appreciate serious men.

What about Japanese mail-order brides, these ladies are more humble about their desires and opinions. They are timider and lower their voices when communicating with total strangers. This is completely opposite to Chinese girls who make eye contact and talk in high-pitched voices.

Peculiarities of Dating Japanese Women

Japanese dating culture is a whole new world to discover for a foreigner. There are some things to discover to find a wife in Japan. Officially, relationships start only after one of the parties (as usual, a man) confesses his feelings. It’s often a male who initiates the dating process.

Next, dating Japanese women is hard to imagine without all-day weekend dates. The Japanese singles work hard throughout the week. After work, they go home to regroup and might not have enough energy for evening dates. An all-day Rendez-vous is an excellent way for a couple to enjoy each other.

Third, splitting the bill in common in Japan. For locals, it’s normal when a couple goes Dutch or when a lady greets her boyfriend. Men still take the bill on special occasions.

Peculiarities of Dating Chinese Brides

Your dating experience in China will most likely begin on a dating app. So here are some things you need to consider if you want to find wife in China. You chat for a while and then decide to meet each other in real life. So what kind of man’s behavior do these girls prefer?

People in China love materialistic things. They are obsessed with brand names and love giving expensive presents. Before your first date with a girl from China, you can buy her a cute gift as a compliment.

By the way, regardless of the strong spirits of the Chinese brides, they love when men go after them.

There are usually a few stages in dating Chinese women. You start with “testing” each other to see if you could be a perfect match and end up in exclusive relationships. Meaning, no cheating.

Differences Between Japanese and American Women

After spending a while in Japan, a Western groom will definitely spot the difference between American and Japanese women looking for love. First, it’s the reserved elegance of Japanese women for marriage that makes them stand out. They don’t try to control their husbands. Japanese brides are highly respective towards their men and never try to manipulate them.

Second, expressions of love differ from country to country. Women from Japan are more serious about body language and physical contact. While friends in America can hug each other, a Japanese woman will perceive it as a sign of sympathy.

Third, Japanese brides pay more attention to style, and they look in everyday life. They look elegant even going to the grocery store. These ladies are far more fashion-conscious.

Differences Between Chinese and American Women

Females from China are more willing to work on relationships. If something goes wrong, they will take care of you rather than just dumping you. They have stronger family ties. Many Chinese girls prioritize the interests of the family more than their own interests.

When an American girl has a friend of the opposite sex, this is usually not a problem. If you’re dating a Chinese girl, having a female friend might be a minor issue. Needless to say, this is a matter of culture and society impact.

Finally, Chinese mail-order brides are more interested in marriage. When an older American lady remains unmarried, she doesn’t find it a big problem. A Chinese lady wants to be the only love in your heart. They dream of walking down the aisle with their men.

How Japanese and Chinese Brides Feel About Dating And Getting Married To Men From America

I couldn’t leave this question without a direct answer. Undoubtedly, Japanese and Chinese women for marriage are highly desirable by men from all around the globe. Nevertheless, do they share the same passion to date and start a family with a man from abroad.

All Chinese love-seekers make a sigh of relief. Your dream ladies are also passionate about dating someone from abroad. Western grooms are their most important priority and number 1 pick. It’s easy to make local women looking for American men like you. Truth be told, China is a progressive society that supports interracial relationships.

To win the heart of a charming Japanese mail order bride, feel free to invest efforts. The attitude to international dating is one more aspect that draws the line between Chinese and Japanese women. Japanese society is more traditional. Local girls need time to fall in love with foreigners. The opinion of other people, especially their families, is of crucial importance for them.

Final Thoughts on Japanese Girls vs Chinese Girls

Ladies from Japan and China are charming. Their exclusive charm is the result of a decent upbringing and a national mentality. Now when you know the difference between Japanese girls and brides from China, you can confidently make a choice of a perfect lady for the most romantic adventure of your life!

chinese women vs japanese


At What Age Can You Get Married In Japan And China?

Legal marital age is what differentiates these two countries from the majority of the world’s countries. Now you can make you own choice between Chinese girls vs Japanese girls. In China, the minimum age required to tie the knot is 22 for males and 20 for women. In Japan, an individual needs to be at least 20 years old to get married without parental permission. Marriage between younger couples is possible with the parent’s approval.

Are Japanese And Chinese Girls Easy?

Some say the Asians have “white fever. This is partly true. As I have highlighted before, Chinese girls for marriage have a crush on white guys and gladly marry and date foreigners. Girls from Japan, on the contrary, are more eager to marry a Japanese man. Japan is a homogenous society with very few couples are interracial.

Where To Get Japanese And Chinese Brides?

The best way to get Japanese and Chinese brides is online dating. Traveling to these countries can be an exciting task. Asia remains a top mail order brides region, so the number of Asian-specified matrimonial services is only increasing. What is more, online dating has numerous privileges. One of them is that you can talk to as many gorgeous women as you want from the comfort of your own home.

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