Polish Mail Order Brides: Dating and Marriage

Updated on Mar 2023
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Poland has long been famous for the charm of women. Understandably, nowadays, many men are looking for Polish mail-order brides utilizing matrimonial services. What about modern Polish girls for marriage? By the way, they utilize matrimonial services, dating sites, and services of marriage agencies too.

The Appearance of Polish Mail Order Wives

For Russians, a couple of decades ago, Polish brides were the standard of elegance and style. Polish women are special because they have some special beauty. These women have a Slavic appearance, but not like Russians or Ukrainians, more refined.

A similar myth can be found on the Internet, stating Polish women are considered very desirable brides in the whole world because of their attractive appearance.

It should also be mentioned that brides utilize dating sites and matrimonial services as well, hoping to find a husband there. Polish brides for marriage are very active in looking after themselves. In Poland, there is a huge number of beauty shops, a lot of cosmetics, and women actively use all of those.o

Another thing that should be mentioned is the percentage of blondes. It is higher in Poland than in many other countries. Perhaps that’s why foreign men use matrimonial services and dating sites so actively? Polish brides are all very fit and slim, which adds extra points.

The faces of Polish women for sale resemble Germans – they have a fleshy nose, a wide mouth. Their posture is very beautiful, immediately making you pay attention to these women. Beautiful shoulders, a flat back immediately catches the eyes of foreigners.

Polish brides favor natural beauty, so they do not go the extra mile using fillers or surgery. To tell the truth, they don’t need those – they are perfect in their natural beauty. Among them, you will never meet women with aggressive makeup, improperly dressed, with pumped lips and weird artificial eyelashes. Their beauty is natural, and men around the globe appreciate it.

Polish women adhere to the world trend in hairdressing – natural colors and natural forms. The image of modern women involves a neat haircut, freshly washed hair, and a small volume of hairstyle. Bright colors like ultraviolet or white demonstrate tastelessness and backwardness of views. When using dating sites/matrimonial services and looking at photos of Polish women, you will never find the lady with a weird hairstyle.

Polish woman with long legs

Character Traits of Polish Women Looking for Marriage

If you have decided to find a wife in Poland, it’s essential to understand what character traits the majority of local brides possess. If you have decided to use matrimonial services, it will also help you to understand what to expect.


Polish brides are not just self-confident, they are very self-confident: 81% of them consider themselves extremely attractive. Local Polish brides are ambitious, sometimes excessively. Almost always in the company of people of different nationalities, these brides win. The most modest hairstyle, a crafty look, a short conversation – and there is plenty of broken hearts.


Polish brides behave properly in any situation, easily make contacts. Besides, women freely show their emotions, remaining polite all the time. Such a bride will tell you nice things only. The gift you brought with you will be admired all evening.

But at the same time, the Polish mail order bride will not allow herself any liberties in relation to a stranger and will never make you experience an unpleasant situation.


Since early childhood, every Polish bride has listened to fairytales about handsome princes and beautiful princesses. Understandably, women are eager to have similar “magical” relationships once they are adults. Unlike American women, Polish brides like romance. Romantic feelings, starry nights, flowers, and candies – they like all of those. They dream of creating a happy family with a reliable man. Perhaps that’s why they use dating sites and matrimonial services. Local men seem too boring.


If you come to the country, you will be surprised by the hospitality of foreign brides in Poland. Family gatherings are a favorite tradition of Polish brides. They know how to behave and what to do to make a conversation pleasant and to make anyone feel comfortable. This is another reason men utilize matrimonial services hunting for women.


If you are dreaming about a legitimate Polish mail order bride, don’t expect her to spend all her time at home cooking. A majority of Polish brides are well-educated, and they like to use their skills in a practical way. Almost all ladies are interested in building a successful career.

Nevertheless, if such a woman falls in love with you, she will manage to combine both family life and her career. All in all, those ladies who utilize matrimonial services are family-oriented, which means they are ready to go through all challenges that may arise.

Will the Polish Bride Be a Good Wife?

A majority of men utilize Polish marriage websites and matrimonial services having the aim of getting married. If your goal is the same, you should know you’ve made a great choice. Here are the reasons why:

  1. A Polish bride knows how to make your home really cozy and welcoming.
  2. She respects all your relatives.
  3. Such a lady knows how to treat a man.
  4. Respect and care are guaranteed.
  5. If you decide to have children, she will be an excellent mother.
  6. Women from Poland cook deliciously.
  7. Such a lady is very supportive.
  8. Family is her main value.
sexy Polish woman

Dating Polish Women: Pieces of Advice

Every man wants to be attractive to women. Having found a beautiful woman with the help of matrimonial services or via one of the modern dating sites, everyone begins to think about how to make a good impression on her. Most often, in such situations, men use their own methods, which are based on personal experience and theory, but neither gives any guarantee of success. Despite all the man’s efforts, the woman may remain completely indifferent to him.

Matrimonial services professionals can provide you with professional pieces of advice on how to get Polish mail order brides. Such recommendations can also be found on dating sites. Here is our list of what a Polish wife finder should do to reach success.

  1. Be brave. If you really want to be with a woman, you need to understand there is nothing impossible in this world (especially if you use matrimonials). Whatever your beloved is beautiful, rich, successful, and ambitious, you still have chances to melt her heart and become her only one. Believe in yourself. Besides, with matrimonial services, it’s much easier to begin communication.
  2. Be patient. From the very first day, you should not seek mutual feelings and sympathies. Try to present yourself in such a way that the family-oriented woman understands you are a reliable person who she can rely on in any situation. Lots of women looking for husbands using dating sites and matrimonial services are family-oriented, so try to show yourself in the best light possible, even if you are communicating online.
  3. Appearance matters. Every Polish mail order wife that uses matrimonial services or dating sites wants the potential partner to look good. Clean clothes, a pleasant smell, a neat hairstyle will be enough.
  4. Make jokes. A good sense of humor is what any woman who uses matrimonial services appreciates in a man. You should not be afraid to seem funny. A smile on her face is really important because it always suggests that she is comfortable next to you.
  5. Be a romantic. Without this, it will be difficult to find a Polish bride. Arrange romantic dinners, walk around the night metropolis, give the woman flowers and gifts. Even if your relationship started with the help of a matrimonial service or dating site, no need to refuse romance.
  6. Be interested. Ask her opinion and advice. In this way, you will let mail-order women know that she is interesting to you, and it is very important to you what she thinks about anything. All Polish mail order brides like it. However, do not overdo it. If you consult with her concerning everything, she may think you do not know how to make decisions.

Where to Find Polish Women for Marriage?

As we have mentioned, Polish mail order wives are gladly looking for husbands using the Internet. They do so because of being interested in foreign men. Ladies are convinced it will be much more interesting to create a family with a foreign man. That’s why matrimonial services and dating sites are widely used in the country.

There are two options for those eager to get Polish wife. The first one is to visit the country and try to find the right person there. But it may be rather difficult and time-consuming. Dating sites and matrimonial services are great tools for finding foreign brides. There are many advantages these services possess.

First, it’s easy and convenient to use those. Understandably, one has to pay to start looking for brides, but almost all good things in this world are paid. The game is worth the candle, we guarantee you.

To use dating sites/matrimonial services to find a girlfriend or wife, one has to register (providing personal information is essential) and pay for the services. After this, thousands of profiles of singles will be available.

Dating Sites for Those Looking for Polish Wives Online

Matrimonial services are not the only option you have. We have selected several reliable dating websites to make it easier to find an ideal woman.


Edarling main page

eDarling can be called an online marriage agency, as the majority of people who utilize it are family-oriented and ready to start a family. There are more than 1 million users from around the globe.


  • Convenient personality test.
  • The basic features of this dating site are free.
  • An app is available.


  • There are some negative reviews.
  • Some profiles are fake.


Tinder main page

This is another international dating site that is considered quite reliable. There are plenty of Polish women registered on the site.


  • Ease of use.
  • Quick setup.
  • According to reviews, it’s fun to use it.


  • Swipes are limited.
  • Fake woman profiles can be found.

Generally, if you use any type of online dating/matrimonial services looking for marriage, your chances are high. Local brides consider getting acquainted via the Internet completely normal.


Can I Marry a Polish Girl?

Indeed, you can marry the lady you fall in love with. But it may not be so easy to become her partner. The best choice is a matrimonial service/marriage agency. There, experienced professionals will help you to find the best partner. Thus, your chances of getting married increase. Online dating services are paid, so you almost buy Polish bride for sale.

How Much Do Polish Brides Cost?

Some men who use matrimonial services think that using those that can buy a bride in Poland. But it’s impossible to buy Polish wife for money. You’ll have to invest your care, time, and effort to make the bride your wife. Thankfully, nowadays it’s possible to use special services that can help to order a Polish bride, as all your wishes are taken into account when trying to find a potential bride.

How to Find a Polish Girl?

You can go to the country by yourself to find a wife/girlfriend there. But the best option is to use dating sites/marriage agencies/matrimonial services. Matrimonial services are perhaps the best choice, as professional help is provided. So, you won’t have to spend hours browsing hundreds of profiles of potential brides.

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