Japanese Mail Order Brides: A Dating Guide

Updated on Jul 2023
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Nowadays, more and more people use matrimonial services to find a girlfriend or wife. Matrimonial services and dating sites are so popular because those are a quick and easy way to find an ideal person. Japanesebrides often look for husbands on the Internet, so keep reading if you want to get to know more about these gorgeous ladies. Asian mail order brides – request, the frequency of which only increases every year. Today, you can meet japanese women on the internet.

Dating Sites To Find Japanese Brides


The Appearance of Japanese Mail Order Brides

The appearance of these brides is a legend. Japanese mail order brides invest plenty of time and effort in themselves, trying to look as good as possible. Brides from the country differ from Western women greatly. The first thing you’ll notice while using dating sites/matrimonial services is their skin.

In Japan, there is a tradition of taking care of the skin. The procedure has many stages, and, as a result of it, the skin of ladies is snow-white and beautiful. A majority of Japanese brides have dark straight, shiny hair and sparkling hazel eyes. Mostly, girls are slim and even tiny, which makes their appearance even more delicate.

Another thing we haven’t mentioned yet is that Japanese mail order wives know how to dress up fashionably. Japan is a very stylish country, and you will be surprised by the excellent taste and modernity of local girls for marriage.

The natural features of stunning Japanese girls make them perfect and attractive at different ages. Men only wonder what those pretty women from Japan do to stay so cute. On one side are precious roots of ancestors, while on the other one correct self-care. Sexy Japanese woman try to stay fresh and young all the time. To maintain it ladies have easy healthy food and vegetables. Beautiful Japanese women have only healthy habits in their life. Such a style gives a healthy future generation and a happy future.


Meet a Japanese Mail Order Brides

Ikebana, Photography
Poetry, Yoga
Calligraphy, Hiking

Interesting facts about marriages with Japanese mail order brides

In the last decade, cross-cultural marriages with Japanese mail order brides have become increasingly common. While some of the stories might appear comical or even outlandish, there are real and important facts to be considered when it comes to these interesting phenomena. This article will explore three intriguing facts about these marriages and give an insight into why they have become so popular. We will then also explore what people need to know before tying the knot with a Japanese mail order bride.

The number of international marriages with Japanese mail order brides has increased exponentially in the last decade. This is partly due to the explosion of Japanese culture around the world and also because there are more opportunities for international marriage than ever before. In Japan, there are now sim cards which allow people to chat online with potential partners from different countries and this has led to a rise in international marriages between people from different cultures.

Character Traits of Japanese Brides for Marriage

If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a young beauty from the country, she will become an ideal wife! Let’s have a look at the character traits of an average woman looking for marriage on the Internet. Each beautiful Japanese woman has her own traits, but some of the features are general.

They Are Family-Oriented

Nowadays, asian women are trying to be successful in different spheres, including work, family, raising children, etc. For many ladies, it may be difficult, but not for Japanese women for marriage! Japanese ladies show how to be successful in everything. The woman will successfully combine different spheres of her life to invest enough time and effort in each.

Be sure that when you come home, a delicious dinner, a clean house, and a beautiful happy woman will be waiting. They say the secret of Japanese mail-order brides is harmony. Japan brides are creators, they do everything with love. Be sure you will be completely happy having such a wife.

Excellent Manners

Japanese mail order bride is not only a good mother, but she is also a reliable partner. The lady can give you a piece of advice, if needed, and is always ready to support you if there are any problems. An amazing sense of style will impress you, and you will gladly visit business meetings together with your wife.

Japanese brides know how to behave properly in any situation, they are intelligent, well-mannered, and smart. Together with such a girl, there is no need to worry if something goes wrong: she can help you to control everything.

Japanese sporty girl bride


Education is of great importance for local Japanese brides, as they believe this will help them to make their lives better. They are right, as good education helps them to occupy good positions and, in some cases, even to find a partner online using dating sites/matrimonial services.

A majority of women know English, so there will be no language barrier. Besides, they are interested in learning new languages. Our world is continuously changing, but, having such a wife, you will easily adapt to anything and will overcome any difficulties.


In Japan, almost all women are eager to have children. Japanese brides believe it’s extremely important to have a full and happy family. If you want to have kids too, Japanese mail order wife is an ideal person with a similar mindset. These women are excellent mothers who know how to bring up children.


If you want to find a Japanese bride, this is a great choice, as these women possess another rare character trait: wisdom. She will never focus on bad things, trying to find something good even when it seems there is nothing pleasant in this or that situation. Japanese brides are taught to be patient, calm, and harmonious in any situation. Together with a Japanese bride, you will feel like in a peaceful oasis.

Indeed, wives are calm and obedient, but they are also strong personalities who are not afraid to speak and express their opinion. So, if you need a piece of advice, ask your wife, and she will help you in any situation. In Japan, women believe that it shouldn’t necessarily be a man to invite on a date. Japanese brides do it frequently, which is great. The reason why local Japanese mail order brides are looking for marriage on the Internet is their desire to be happy. But why are amazing Japanese brides interested in foreign men? Let’s have a look.


It is one of the key features why foreigners are seeking a beautiful Japanese wife for sale. Ladies from Japan are loyal and devoted to their husbands. The women tend to be so passionate and loyal on all stages of life that the marriage unions are powerful and strong. It is an excellent example for future children.

Try to find a Japanese wife dating and live together for a lot of happy years. In true love and empathy the Japanese mail order brides will  never seek the other men.

Dialog with an Japanese Woman Seeking Love

What motivated you to explore online dating, and what qualities are you hoping to find in a potential partner?

: I wanted to broaden my horizons and meet people outside my usual circles. I'm looking for someone who values communication, shares common interests, and has a genuine and respectful personality.

Can you share some experiences, positive or challenging, that you've had on dating sites?

It's been an interesting journey with enjoyable conversations and a few challenges. Staying positive and true to myself has been crucial in navigating the ups and downs.

What characteristics do you appreciate in a potential partner, and how do you handle cultural differences in your search?

I value open-mindedness and a willingness to learn about different cultures. Embracing diversity is important, and finding common ground helps bridge any cultural gaps.

How do you transition from online interactions to building a genuine connection with someone?

While online conversations are a good start, meeting in person is essential for a deeper connection. It brings a more authentic understanding of each other and takes the relationship to another level.

Any advice for others navigating the world of online dating, especially those interested in connecting with an Asian woman?

Be genuine, patient, and open-minded. Show interest in each other's cultures, communicate openly, and remember that building a meaningful connection takes time—it's all part of the journey.

How to avoid Japanese mail order bride scams?

Mail order brides from Japan have been a popular choice for years for those seeking an international relationship. Unfortunately, there are scammers who are taking advantage of these hopeful individuals, posing as Japanese brides online in order to scam them out of their hard-earned money. Thankfully, there are measures that both men and women can take to avoid these scams and maintain their safety when considering mail order brides from Japan. In this article, we will discuss how you can protect yourself from various Japanese mail order bride scams.

Read the Scammer’s Profile. The first step to protecting yourself from Japanese mail order bride scams is reading their profile. This is especially important for men because many scammers will target males in order to get them to pay for a fraudulent marriage. To avoid these scams, be sure that you know what the other person looks like and which countries they are located in before exchanging messages. Additionally, it is important that you ask questions about where they live and what type of work they do so that you can have a better understanding of their background. Other signs to look out for include if the person.

Why Brides from Japanese Country Are Looking for Husbands on the Internet

If you are interested in foreign brides in Japan, it may seem weird why insanely attractive Japanese women looking for marriage use dating sites and matrimonial services to find a foreign husband. There are several reasons:

  • Brides are trying to find something different. In Japanese society, people (especially men) are rather conservative. Because of this, Japanese women for sale are trying to find a foreign husband with the help of the Internet. Brides are sure such a marriage is a great choice to help them escape from the boring routine of their country.
  • They are lonely. As we have previously mentioned, women are beautiful. In some cases, it’s difficult to find a partner because of this. On the Internet, everything is much easier. With the help of dating websites/matrimonial services, everything is much easier, as there are no barriers at all.
  • Cultural/social issues. Sometimes, it’s difficult for women to build a relationship with men from their country because of various social or cultural issues. With a foreign man, as of those disappear.

Accessibility of online dating communities. When life gives chances, it is important to use all of them. Japanese mail order brides live with the same principles. So, the chance to meet an international husband is the perfect way to fall in love.

Japanese girl dressed casually

Success Stories from Couples 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Success Story #1 Image
Clark and Corrine TheLuckyDate Asian logo
Clark and Corrine are one of the success stories of mail order brides. They met through a mail order bride service and hit it off immediately. They were married within six months and have been together for over five years now. They have two children and a happy home. Clark and Corrine are living proof that mail order brides can work out well. If you're thinking of using a mail order bride service, their story is one to keep in mind. It's possible to find your perfect match through these services, so don't give up hope. Who knows, you could be the next Clark and Corrine!
Success Story #2 Image
Jonathan and Estella AsianMelodies logo
Jonathan and Estella's dating success story is one that is mail-order brides becoming more and more common. But it's not just the fact that mail-order brides are more common that makes their story so special, it's the fact that against all odds, they found each other and fell in love. And, mail-order bride stories like Jonathan and Estella's are becoming more and more common partly because, as our world gets smaller, there are just more options out there. With the advent of the internet, mail-order brides are no longer confined to women who live in far away countries; there are now mail-order bride websites that cater to women from all over the world. So, whether you're looking for a mail-order bride from Russia or a mail-order bride from Brazil, your chances of finding your perfect match are better than ever before. And, who knows, maybe your own mail-order bride story will be as successful as Jonathan and Estella's!

What makes Japanese mail order brides different from American brides?

There are a lot of different variants to see the differences between beautiful Japanese women and American stunning brides. So, the main criteria are below.

  • Life priorities. For a lot of centuries, Japanese brides for sale were real mothers and women in married life. The traditions have played a significant role. The American region has a lot of people of different nationalities. It shows the diversity of different male order bride Japan and ladies. The culture is different as well, while Japanese girls are authentic.
  • Family life. It is well-known to Americans as a career. It is the main priority for ladies to make a career and stay successful there. In Asian countries, the situation is a little bit different. The traditions tell ladies to stay totally involved in marriage life. Of course, business is the priority for beautiful Japanese brides as well. However, if the choice is between family and business, a Japanese woman will choose a lucky family life.
  • Respect. In Asian countries the popularity of divorces is bad. Ladies tend to live in one marriage for their whole life rather than get married and divorced. Opposite to women from Japan, American ladies prefer to live without official registration of marriage. So, choose what is better for you.
Mi-Young photo
Mi-Young photo
Mi-Young photo
Age 24
Occupation Nurse
Hobbies Cook
English level B1
Weight 58kg
Height 170cm
Looking for Western Man

Pieces of Advice on Dating Japanese Women

Dating is a ritual that begins once both you and the woman are interested in more communication, aiming at building a family. This is a small period that all girls count on, but all men are trying to avoid. This is the main mistake men make.

What shouldn’t be done, and what should be done while showing your interest in a beautiful Japanese hottie? The prospects of relationships depend on your actions mainly, which is great, as you can control everything and win the lady’s heart easily. Here are our recommendations:

Do not show a woman vulnerability, and do not try to seem weak. The most important mistake of the man is a demonstration of dependence and vulnerability. If you want to get Japanese mail order brides with the help of the Internet, it’s better not to write and call her every five minutes. Let the woman miss you a little bit. It seems like obvious advice, but 50% of men make this mistake.

  • Do not reveal all your secrets to the woman at once. Remaining a mystery to her, this will make her even more interested. Be like James Bond, and you will win the heart of the lady even when having communications online. Mysterious men are always interesting and desirable.
  • Always look great to impress the girl.
  • Don’t try to make friends with a mail-order woman if you’re claiming more.
  • Say compliments to her.
  • Don’t be afraid to joke.
  • Comfortable and easy communication is the key. Present your family-oriented women with small gifts, candies, and flowers.
  • Don’t talk bad about ex-girls.
  • Get to know the woman as good, as possible.
  • Take care of the woman romantically, gallantly, and beautifully, like a gentleman.
  • Introduce the woman to friends.
  • Don’t look at the other girls when you are together.

What You Should Do That Japanese Mail Order Brides Choose You?

Well, above you have read about the main steps you have to do on the date. But, dating is good, while the values you hold in it are more important. Japanese mail order brides are really shy. To break the silence and that vulnerability, you have to prepare a lot. There are some tips to keep in mind apart from the useful recommendations below.

  • What do you know about your lady? Well, Japanese girls have a rich individual history and culture. In case you need to get closer to the lady, tell her what you know. The respect for the culture and minor knowledge will increase your chances during the date. Read interesting facts about traditions, the surroundings of a mail order Japanese brides and many other facts. Tell it and get a lot of pleasure indeed.
  • Language for communication. So easy but at the same time important criteria. Of course, men from American states or European countries hardly know Japanese. By the way, mindset Japanese girls know a lot of languages, including English. But could you only impress how Japanese woman will be impressed if you prepare several compliments, especially for her in Japanese languages.
  • Interest and respect. In case you are really interested in communication and relationships with Japanese mail order brides you will try to know all the details of their lives and habits. Share your previous experience as well. Do not be afraid to tell you about your life. Maybe in that speech the Japanese woman will find something really interesting and it will be the common point to start relationships.

Matrimonial Services and Dating Sites: Excellent Helpers to Find a Wife

You already know that a Japanese bride is a treasure for any man. Understandably, you want to know where to find a Japanese bride. The world is developing rapidly, and nowadays there is no need to go to this or that country aiming at finding a japanese wife. If you want to, you can, of course, but matrimonial services and dating sites are a much easier way to find japanese wife.

Having selected matrimonial services, you can be sure professional assistance will be provided. You won’t have to spend hours browsing pages of Japanese brides: with professional help, several best candidates will be chosen. Another benefit of online dating services for family-oriented people is that a really impressive amount of people are using those. This increases the chances of finding an ideal partner online greatly.

Indeed, it’s extremely important to select a reliable platform. Usually, the best way to make the right choice is to look for reviews. We have selected several sites that can help any Japanese wife finder find an ideal Japanese bride for sale. Those services are paid, that’s why it’s called “for sale”. Selling people is illegal, of course.

You have to remember about the traditional meetings as well. A lot of businessmen come to Japan to make business. But they return with the Japanese mail order brides home. In case you have the desire to make the journey to authentic Japan, communicate with local ladies there. You will see that you need such a lady. Who knows maybe one of them will get right into your heart.

Dating Sites to Find Japanese Wives Online

Asian Melodies

AsianMelodies main page

Asian Melodies is a great choice for family-oriented men looking for brides in Japan. This site covers more than 32 countries. Millions of people are using it, which increases the chances to find a wife in Japan.


  • Sign up, and some features are free.
  • Great support service.
  • All female members are real.
  • All profiles are verified.


  • Sending messages is available for those who pay.
  • Photos are invisible until approved.

Eastern Honeys

Eastern Honeys main page

This is an international dating site that helps Asian people connect with foreigners. If you want to get a legitimate Japanese mail order bride in this region, this website is a great choice.


  • Prices are affordable.
  • Customer support is great.
  • The interface is understandable.


  • There is no mobile application at the moment.
  • To use advanced features of the dating site, one has to go through ID verification.


How to Find a Japanese Girl?

Indeed, the easiest way to almost buy Japanese wife is using Japanese marriage websites. With the help of those, your chances of finding an ideal partner increase greatly. Besides, if you choose matrimonial services, it will be even easier, as, for those using such services, professional help is provided. Using those, you literally order a Japanese bride.

How Much Do Japanese Brides Cost?

If you want to buy a bride in Japan for money, it won’t do. Matrimonial services will help you to find the person, but it depends on you whether you win her heart or not. You’ll have to invest your time, effort, and care, which will be equally pleasant for both of you.

Why Are Japanese Women So Beautiful?

Mail-order girls from this country are amazingly beautiful, that’s true. The reason is that they invest lots of time and effort to make their appearance better. Cosmetic procedures, baths, and other staff of this kind are common. You can be sure your Japanese wife will impress all the people with her beauty.

Is It Ok To Meet Japanese Girls On The Internet?

Well, the sphere of online dating is well-developed. Japanese girls tend to communicate more online, search for love and understanding there. Seeking the amount of online dating websites you will be astonished with. So, it is an excellent way to meet women from Japan online.

How Long It Will Take To Date Japanese Women?

It all depends on the time you spend with the lady. Try to follow all helpful dating recommendations to fall in love and make the dating period fast. Then, the dating period takes even a month.

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