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Updated on Jul 2023
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Social networks and dating sites open up excellent prospects for finding interesting interlocutors, partners for easy flirting, and life partners. AsianMelodies reviews are no exception today. A reliable guide with AsianMelodies review of website help to realize how effective service in the current dating market is. Many users worldwide now have a nice opportunity to revise the current review on the AsianMelodies dating site.

Overall Rating – 3.5

  • Signing Up: 4.0 / 5;
  • Making Contact: 3.5 / 5;
  • Profile Quality: 3.8 / 5;
  • App: 2.8 / 5;
  • Real Life Review: 4.8 / 5.
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Pros & Cons

Trustworthy reviews have a huge advantage in relationships today. Virtual communication, thanks to AsianMelodies dating site reviews, now is becoming more and more demanded.


  • Large selection of applicants. On the website, as the reviews stated, you can meet several people at once, communicate pleasantly and have fun with them. Such a relationship is beneficial as you can communicate and hold online communication at a convenient time, you do not have to adjust the plans.
  • Ability to set searching criteria. A user gets to know a man or a woman according to specific preferences. Considering AsianMelodies dating site review, convenient search systems are installed. They allow us to select partners of interest by gender, age, hobbies, goals. Inappropriate acquaintances can be blacklisted, making life for users easier.
  • No social boundaries. According to AsianMelodies dating reviews, make acquaintances even with those who would be unlikely to meet in reality. For example, you have the chance to meet outstanding singles.
  • More open behavior. On the Internet, it is easier to sincerely answer the question about the purpose of dating as well as find a relationship that will fully match individual preferences. According to numerous reviews about the portal, it is a way to feel comfortable.
  • Personal growth motivation. According to an review, conversations with interesting personalities on the portal evolve positive changes.


  • False data. Is AsianMelodies a scam? The current portal is somewhat deceiving. It is evident when filling out a questionnaire, and a person indicated false information about oneself. Someone could use other people’s photos. Reviews about the service state the presence of both high-quality and fake profiles.
  • Frivolous attitude. The review indicated that many people are frivolous about dating on the site. They simply believe that this is the lot of losers, and it is unrealistic to find a normal partner on the portal. Some use the service as a way to find a partner for entertainment on the side or to win another trophy.
  • No sense of presence. No matter how attractive the pics on the service and amazing messages are. These things can not replace the feeling of a person’s presence in reality. Refer to the most credible reviews to know the service you choose.
  • Lack of detailed information. Without seeing someone, in reality, it is sometimes difficult to draw conclusions about a person. It is challenging to understand the true attitude and the presence of mutual sympathy. Especially if there is no photo in the questionnaire, the interlocutor is against video chats. One’s answers to questions are too restrained and laconic.

AsianMelodies Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
John and Kris AsianMelodies logo
John and Kris are a living testament to the success of, a dating site that has helped thousands of people find love. After meeting on the site, they have been together for two years now and are happily married. John and Kris’s story is an inspiring one that shows how AsianMelodies can help bring two people together from different corners of the world. It also demonstrates how effective their matching algorithms are in helping users find compatible matches. Their story is a shining example of how AsianMelodies has changed lives for the better and continues to do so every day. It serves as proof that true love can be found online with the help of this amazing platform.
Success Story #2 Image
Terence and Crystal AsianMelodies logo
AsianMelodies is a successful online dating platform that has brought together many happy couples. One of them is Terence and Crystal, who met on the website and are now happily married. This success story is a testament to how AsianMelodies can help people find their perfect match. Terence and Crystal had been searching for love for quite some time when they both decided to give AsianMelodies a try. After exchanging messages and getting to know each other better, they soon realized that they were meant for each other. They eventually decided to meet in person, which was the start of a beautiful relationship.

What is

AsianMelodies reviews state this online service to provoke long-term commitments that may even end in marriage. For group members, this seems to hit the mark.

The truth about AsianMelodies: there are many more men than women. Still, this is acceptable since the dating site is only for finding and dating an Asian beauty. According to the review, most of the women are of East Asian descent. Male members are mostly Westerners. They are coming from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Is AsianMelodies any good? If you look at the distribution by age group, you can see that each range is represented fairly well. Most men are much older, 55 and older. They are seriously considering moving to their Asian lover. As for the girls, most of them are between the ages of 25 and 34. This age range is the period when women usually think about starting a family of their own.

AsianMelodies features

App & Interface

Using the AsianMelodies mobile app, the following features are distinguished:

  • No downloadable app in mobile version;
  • The web design of the application is optimized for mobile devices;
  • Simple navigation helps to easily master the application;
  • The presence of advertising in a minimum amount.

Is AsianMelodies a good dating site? During the research, reviews indicate AsianMelodies does not suggest a mobile application. It can not be downloaded without additional cost. Nevertheless, the statistics prove the majority of the service members prefer to use portable version on the smartphone.

AsianMelodies boasts its user-friendly web design for portable devices. This way, you can connect to other members by using a mobile version. It helps you to log into your personal account.

Signing Up Process

Considering credible reviews, the signing up process is time-consuming. This fact is worth paying special attention to. It takes you ten minutes or more. You need to pass a test providing a set with questions.

An initial signing up step asks its members to indicate their preferences. Let’s say a man is looking for a woman, a woman is looking for a man, a man is looking for a man, or a woman is looking for a woman. Next, specify your username, birthdate, current email address. Next, enter a password.

The button for signing up is necessary to fill out the application. Fill in the fields: “About Yourself”. A newbie has several questions which can be skipped if desired. This approach saves users’ time, as the user’s review stated.

How Does AsianMelodies Work?

Most users are wondering: “Is AsianMelodies worth it?” If you don’t know how the following platform works, then reviews will help you to know it better. Due to the current reviews, the service includes quite a few ways to express your feelings:

Live Chat

Referring to the recent reviews, this option is available if a user you want to chat with is currently online. You can share photos and videos besides texting.


This feature helps the users to browse other users one by one. A main picture of the particular user along with important information shown in the section “Like” or “Skip”.

My Favorite

As AsianMelodies caters to a large number of users. A user may skip the nickname of a possible partner during the search. Add your profile to the “My Favorites” list to hold it there as long as you like.

AsianMelodies girl profile


Click the “Like” button in the “Faces” section of a member’s account to show that you’ve noticed someone.

Sending Messages

If a match is offline, then you can send an email. The emails on AsianMelodies are usually longer than chat alternatives. You may add photos and videos to make a sufficient impression.

Flowers & Gifts Feature

Please your Oriental lady with a gift or flower delivery. AsianMelodies has a catalog with gifts as well as a delivery option which is paid individually.


Wink is done on the “Faces” section or currently on the member’s profiles. It’s a free dating feature that informs the recipient instantly.

Contact Requests

If you are texting constantly and need communication apart from the AsianMelodies portal, request contact details.

Meeting Requests

Real dating is the next important feature to pick up your suitable partner. Moreover, the AsianMelodies dating platform provides you with a personal meeting with an Oriental girl.

Quality of Accounts

Is AsianMelodies real? All existing AsianMelodies accounts are accurate. Members have created their accounts in full. They have already uploaded photos. Moreover, basic users are able to browse other accounts. When browsing downloaded info, a user can get a common conception about a certain interlocutor. AsianMelodies suggests a few sections on its profiles. However, this dating service has many reviews insisting on fakes.

Searching Feature

AsianMelodies free search implies a set of sequential operations. They performed in order to give out certain information according to specified criteria.

The partner search criterion is an information request expressing the user’s informational need for any data.

According to reviews, the process of finding a partner includes several stages:

  • formation of an information request;
  • identification of all possible data sources;
  • extraction of information from found information arrays;
  • presentation of the obtained information to the user to evaluate the results.

Search results are characterized by relevance, that is, the degree of correspondence of the found data to the information request. The next point is the ratio of useful information to the total number of results presented.

AsianMelodies search

AsianMelodies Pricing

Is AsianMelodies free? The following dating portal offers basic and additional paid subscriptions. Some extra features can be obtained. “Is AsianMelodies worth paying for? Refer to the pricing list to know credible information.

AsianMelodies offers a simplified crediting system. You have to pay with the credits you bought.


  • 10 credits.

Photo & Video Sharing / Viewing

  • Comments on photo – 2 credits;
  • Viewing a video – 25 credits;
  • Video download – 100 credits.

Live Chat

  • Chat – 2 credits per minute;
  • To send a sticker – 5 credits;
  • To send a photo – 10 credits;
  • To upload a video – 50 credits.

Additional Functions

  • Gifts and flowers delivery – 100 credits;
  • Meeting request – 625 credits.

Available Payment Options

  • Credit Card;
  • PayPal.
AsianMelodies faces


Is AsianMelodies safe? Rest assured that it is not a scam. Due to numerous reviews, this portal provides a high-security guarantee.

Is AsianMelody legit? The site is legit. All the personal data is hidden. Thus, you are unlikely to face any problems or fraud. Try to choose a strong password and make sure you know it. Only then you will remain completely relaxed using the site. Find your true love without any interruptions and annoying spam.


If you run into dishonest interlocutors, the team of moderators always helps its members round the clock. They also provide 24/7 support to solve any technical issue.

AsianMelodies - customers reviews

Success Story #1 Image
Terrell AsianMelodies logo
I recently had the pleasure of using the AsianMelodies service to find my perfect match. The interface was incredibly easy to use and the customer support team was very helpful in answering my questions. I found a lot of potential matches and the advanced search feature allowed me to filter through them quickly. In addition, AsianMelodies provided me with excellent communication tools including instant messaging, video chat, and emailing. Overall, I'm very happy with my experience and would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a meaningful relationship!
Success Story #2 Image
Mathias AsianMelodies logo
I recently had the pleasure of using AsianMelodies to meet my match and I'm so glad I did! The website was easy to use, with a great selection of potential matches. The customer service team was friendly and helpful in answering all my questions. Overall, it was a great experience that led me to finding my perfect match! Highly recommend AsianMelodies for anyone looking for true love.