Brazilian Mail Order Brides Cost – Find Out the Price of Brazilian Wives

Updated on Jan 2024
by Natalie Thompson
July 6, 2023 / Updated: 08 Jan 2024
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The allure of Brazilian women is known worldwide. Their vibrant personalities, breathtaking beauty, and deeply ingrained family values make Brazilian mail order brides highly sought after. Let’s delve into the world of Brazilian brides and understand what makes them attractive and what costs are involved in finding your dream Brazilian wife.

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Brazilian Mail Order Brides Cost

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Why Choose Brazilian Mail Order Brides?

Brazilian brides are renowned for their infectious energy, radiant beauty, and rich cultural roots. Their lively disposition and genuine love for life make them the perfect partner for those who cherish an active, joy-filled life.

One of the most alluring traits of Brazilian women is their profound family values. Raised in close-knit families, they understand the importance of stable family life, making them excellent partners for those seeking a deep and meaningful connection. A Brazilian wife will ensure a nurturing, loving environment for you and your future children, placing family welfare above everything else.

Brazilian mail order brides are also known for their striking beauty, characterized by their diverse, multi-racial features that result in a unique blend of aesthetic traits. Their captivating looks are complemented by their cheerful personality and intelligence, making them not only pleasing to the eye but also engaging companions.

What’s The Average Brazilian Mail Order Bride Pricing?

Understanding the average cost of Brazilian mail order brides is crucial. Brazilian mail order bride pricing is influenced by various factors, including the dating platform used, the length of dating, translation services, and the expenses involved in visiting Brazil.

On average, the Brazilian mailorder brides cost can range from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on the abovementioned factors. It’s important to note that this Brazilian bride price list doesn’t merely ‘buy’ you a bride. Instead, it covers the costs of the services that facilitate your connection and relationship with your potential Brazilian bride.

Furthermore, you must consider the mail order Brazilian bride prices associated with visiting Brazil. This includes flight tickets, accommodation, food, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. The cost will vary depending on the duration of your stay and your lifestyle preferences.

100 Credits
200 Credits
400 Credits

What are the different types of pricing plans of Brazilian Mail Order Wives available?

The pricing plans for meeting Brazilian mail order wives can vary significantly based on your chosen services. Generally, these can be categorized into a few types:

  • Subscription plans: Many platforms offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions. These typically provide you access to all the features of the website.
  • Credit-based plans: Some sites operate on a credit system. Here, you buy credits and spend them on services like messaging, video calls, etc. The more you interact, the more credits you’ll need.
  • Pay-per-action: A few platforms bill you based on each action performed on the site, like sending a message or accessing contact details.

Meet a Brazilian Mail Order Brides

Reading, Traveling
Cooking, Hiking
Marketing Executive
Dancing, Painting

Brazilian dating sites to buy Brazilian Bride: which one to choose?

Selecting a reliable dating platform is essential in finding your Brazilian bride. Here are some of the top platforms where you can meet Brazilian women:

  • LatinFeels: LatinFeels is a popular dating platform offering comprehensive services for meeting Latin women, including numerous profiles of stunning Brazilian brides.
  • LatinBeautyDate: With an impressive selection of Brazilian women interested in dating foreigners, LatinBeautyDate is a great place to start your love search.
  • LoveFort: LoveFort excels in its matchmaking services. It helps you find a compatible Brazilian bride based on your preferences and interests.
  • LaDate: LaDate’s user-friendly interface and extensive database of Brazilian women make it another excellent option.
  • ColombiaLady: Despite its name, ColombiaLady hosts many profiles of Brazilian women and offers high-quality dating services.

Remember, while these sites can facilitate your search for a Brazilian bride, you’re not “buying” a bride. You’re paying for the platform’s services to connect with potential Brazilian wives. The success of your relationship depends on your mutual connection, understanding, and affection for each other.

Free vs Paid Brazilian Dating Sites

When entering the world of Brazilian dating, one of the key decisions you will face is whether to opt for free or paid dating sites. Free dating platforms seem appealing due to the non-existent initial cost, but they often come with hidden drawbacks. These can include many fraudulent profiles, less stringent security measures, and limited functionality.

Paid Brazilian dating sites, on the other hand, generally offer a more seamless experience. They feature comprehensive profiles of Brazilian brides looking for serious relationships, implement rigorous security measures to protect user data and provide advanced search and communication tools to enhance your online dating experience.

Brazilian Mail Order Brides Cost

Furthermore, paid platforms often offer additional services such as translation, organizing trips to Brazil, and advice on cultural differences and international dating etiquette. Therefore, even though they involve an investment, they usually provide better value and a higher chance of success in finding your ideal Brazilian mail order bride.

Cheaper or Expensive Brazilian Dating Sites?

While contemplating Brazilian mail order brides pricing, another question arises whether to go for cheaper or more expensive Brazilian dating sites. Cheaper sites might seem enticing initially, but they may not offer the full range of services that help you successfully find and communicate with Brazilian brides.

Expensive dating sites usually justify their price with a wider range of services, better customer support, and stringent security measures. They can offer personalized matchmaking services, top-notch communication tools, and thorough verification processes to ensure the authenticity of the profiles.

Therefore, while deciding, consider what you are looking for and how much you are willing to invest. If you are serious about finding a Brazilian bride and ready to invest in the process, an expensive site could offer more benefits.

How to Buy a Brazilian Bride Online?

Buying a Brazilian bride online doesn’t mean purchasing a person. Instead, it refers to using online dating services to meet, interact with, and possibly marry a Brazilian woman. It involves several steps:

  • Choosing a platform: The first step is selecting a reputable online dating platform specializing in Brazilian brides.
  • Creating a profile: The next step involves creating a compelling profile that portrays your personality and expresses your desire for a Brazilian wife.
  • Connecting with women: Use the site’s tools to search for women that catch your interest and start communication.
  • Building a relationship: Through regular communication, get to know your potential bride. Share your interests, values, and plans to build a strong relationship.
  • Meeting in person: Once you both are comfortable, plan a visit to Brazil or invite your lady to your country. This step is crucial before making serious commitments like marriage.

Calculating Brazilian Mail Order Bride Price

Cost CategoryEstimated Cost
Dating Website Membership$20 – $100/month
Communication Services$5 – $10/message
Travel Expenses (Flights)$800 – $1500/trip
Accommodation in Brazil$50 – $200/night
Visa Processing$160 – $500
Portuguese Language Courses$200 – $500
Gifts and Courtship$100 – $500
Legal Fees (Marriage)$500 – $2000

The Brazilian mail order bride price encompasses various expenses. Here’s a breakdown:

Dating Services

The dating services cost usually includes membership or credits on the dating site. It can range from $10 to $100 per month, depending on the site’s pricing policy.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses comprise the cost of traveling to Brazil, which includes your flights, transportation within Brazil, meals, and entertainment. Depending on your lifestyle and the duration of your stay, this can vary greatly.

Trips Inside Brazil

If you plan to visit different cities in Brazil to meet various Brazilian brides, you will need to factor in these additional travel costs.

Translation and Other Services

Should your chosen lady not speak fluent English, translation services will be an essential part of your communication. Also, some sites offer gift delivery or personal assistance services which would add to the cost.

Offline Dating Expenses

These include the costs of dating your Brazilian bride in real life, such as restaurant bills, gifts, and other related expenses.


Depending on where you live, a round-trip flight to Brazil can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

Romance Tour

Many dating platforms organize romance tours to Brazil, which include accommodations, transportation, and social events with Brazilian online brides. These can cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

Accommodations and Visa

The cost of staying in Brazil and obtaining a visa is also part of the total Brazilian mail order bride cost.

Final Price

Adding up all these costs gives the final Brazilian mail order bride price. It’s important to note that these costs are estimates and can vary based on various factors. Despite the investment, remember that the ultimate goal is finding a loving and supportive partner in your Brazilian wife.

How to Reduce the Brazilian Bride Cost

While finding a Brazilian bride comes with certain expenses, there are ways to find the cheapest Brazilian mail order brides without compromising the quality of your search.

Choose your dating platform wisely: Go for a reliable one that offers good value for money. When looking for brides, look for sites with reasonable pricing structures and positive user reviews.

Effective communication: Focus on quality communication rather than quantity. Be clear and honest about your intentions to avoid miscommunication and wasted resources.

Learn Portuguese: By learning some Portuguese, you can reduce or eliminate translation costs. Plus, it shows your commitment to your Brazilian bride.

Use free services: Make the most of the free services available on dating platforms, such as communication tools or profile browsing.

By being careful and thoughtful in your spending, you can significantly reduce the Brazilian mail order bride cost.

Is it Legal to Buy a Brazilian Mail Order Wife?

The phrase “buying brides” can be misleading. It’s essential to understand that you’re not buying a person but rather paying for a range of services provided by online dating platforms to connect with a potential bride from Brazil.

Under international law and the laws of most countries, including Brazil, buying a human being is illegal and considered human trafficking. Reputable dating services work within legal frameworks and encourage healthy, consensual relationships between adults.

Online dating platforms facilitate connections between interested parties, provide communication tools, and may offer additional services like translation or arranging trips. They provide a venue for men and women to meet and interact, and if a relationship forms and both parties are agreeable, they can decide to marry.

Therefore, while it’s legal to use such services and marry a Brazilian woman, it’s important to remember that the concept of “buying” anyone is against both international law and the principles of human rights.

Brazilian Mail Order Brides Cost

How to Avoid Romance Scams on Brazilian Dating?

Unfortunately, there are scammers in online dating. If you’re searching for a Brazilian mail order bride online, keep in mind these advice to prevent falling for a romance scam:

  • Utilize trustworthy dating sites: Pick a trustworthy platform that checks user profiles and employs cutting-edge security measures.
  • Never mail cash: No matter how convincing their narrative may seem, never pay money to someone you’ve only met online.
  • Avoid being too flattering: While complimenting one another during dating is common, you should be cautious if the flattery appears excessive or early.
  • Perform research Do extensive research about the individual you are speaking with. If required, use search engines or expert background check services.
  • Report suspicious behavior: If you suspect a scam, report it to the dating site administrators and the police.

By staying vigilant and using common sense, you can protect yourself from scams while searching for your perfect Brazilian bride online.


In summary, Brazilian mail order brides are highly sought-after for their vibrant personalities, stunning beauty, and deeply rooted family values. Costs associated with finding a Brazilian bride, which include dating services, travel, and legal fees, can range from $3,000 to $15,000. The choice between free and paid dating platforms hinges on the individual’s preference for security and functionality, and more expensive sites often offer a wider range of services and stringent safety measures. The concept of buying a bride should be understood as obtaining the services to connect and build relationships with these women, not purchasing a human being. It’s essential to use reliable platforms and stay vigilant to avoid potential online dating scams.

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