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Updated on Mar 2023
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Dating is not an easy task for most people, especially if you are a minority. By referring to 2RedBeans reviews, one can draw some conclusions about this dating website. Some single people, born in America but still with Asian roots struggle between two cultures. Hence the 2RedBeans review of the website will help you figure out the algorithm of the site’s work. Moreover, they will help you meet someone special. Luckily, the review on 2RedBeans dating site has some interesting and useful information to help you meet someone special.

Is 2RedBeans real? 2RedBeans is the national Chinese symbol of love and has also become a symbol on the dating site. 2RedBeans dating site reviews also aim to provide information to Chinese singles born in Asia but raised in North America. It is possible that these ladies are seeking their perfect match on the Internet.

The truth about 2RedBeans lies in the fact that the service is currently aimed at providing individualized tools and technologies in order to find partners among single people around the world. 2RedBeans dating site review was also conducted to analyze website workflow, profile quality, security, and pricing so you can move in the right direction. Evidently, most marriages become legal according to the marriage legalization laws. And all this thanks to the initial step of dating on the following website.

Whether you think of the Internet as a curse or a blessing, the opportunities it offers are authentic 2RedBeans dating reviews really amazing. It is hard to deny that finding love through this world wide web has now become much easier.

Is 2RedBeans any good? Keep reading the review to find out more. After all, the very first dating platforms were launched at the end of the 20th century and have confidently taken root in modern life.

2RedBeans main page

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Our Rating

  • Signing Up: 4.8 / 5
  • Making Contact: 4.5 / 5
  • Profile Quality: 4.6 / 5
  • App: 4.2 / 5
  • Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

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Sculpting, Cooking
Ikebana, Photography
Reading, Traveling
Painting, Cycling
Cooking, Hiking
Reading, Traveling

Pros & Cons


  • Mobile application is available for both iOS and Android;
  • Expanded database of people from all over the world;
  • Free messages with sending “winks” feature included.


  • All features are paid separately, which makes the site quite expensive.

What is 2RedBeans.com?

While the majority of the website’s membership is male, the current website has a notable amount of females as well. According to the credible reviews, they are united by a love of seductive Asian women.

Is 2RedBeans free? Reviews indicate that the site is totally free to join. It also provides additional services for basic (free) and premium (paid) members. 2RedBeans mobile app is also completely free to download on your phone. If you are wondering if 2RedBeans is worth paying for, then keep reading this honest review.

Is 2RedBeans a good dating site? The site has over 700,000 users worldwide, most of which are singles from China. These users prefer to date someone who has the same cultural background and lifestyle.

Is 2RedBeans legit? However, the site still has a pool of international contributors, which proves its legitimacy. Some online members are eager to interact with other single people of Chinese descent, as numerous reviews suggest. Also, it looks like most contributors would like to try out the one-to-one dating service thanks to 2RedBeans free search, which is an efficient way to find a match.

2RedBeans ladies profiles

App & Interface

Nowadays, most people use their smartphones instead of regular computers. It’s easier to take your device with you wherever you go and access the digital world whenever you want. With this in mind, 2RedBeans reviews indicate that the creators have developed and implemented a mobile application that has almost the same structure as a regular website. From now on can be used on smartphones and tablets. Is 2RedBeans worth it? You can download it for free from Play Market and Apple Store and enjoy virtual communication.

Registration Process

Sign up on 2RedBeans quickly and conveniently due to reliable reviews of the site. Any user only has to indicate gender and the desired gender match. You should provide the correct email address. An automatic system redirects you to a profile page, as stated in multiple reviews. Finally, a user can upload good-quality pics.

The reviews also say that as you search for a potential partner, fill in the required information such as your education, marital status, body type, work, hobbies, etc. Therefore, creating an account won’t be time-consuming. The system must approve a new profile within a day. The review on 2RedBeans dating site may help to solve any question regarding the signing up process.

In the review, it must be noted that the presented information is provided to sign up:

  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Gender.

Moreover, the site automatic system requires a current phone number and email address to activate a new account. The current review advises you to estimate the value of a completed account.

2RedBeans registration

How Does 2RedBeans Work?

While sending and receiving messages as additional premium features, you may send messages to other users when using diamonds. Is 2RedBeans worth paying for? You can earn diamonds to get some extra features like popularity, discernment, photogenicity. Nevertheless, if you want to eliminate a specific person from your search results, you may also hide him/her from the 2RedBeans free search options.

2RedBeans Profile Quality

Members fill out their profiles completely in order to attract the attention of other users. The profile pages are divided into s[ecific sections. Profiles may show you the online status of the members.

In this review, we recommend using this feature wisely. It is recommended to read women’s profiles thoroughly.

Is 2RedBeans a scam? Still, 2RedBeans reviews say that it is a reliable source of valuable information about the user with whom you intend to chat in private. 2RedBeans reviews claim that the following online resource performs a scam prevention system. All the profiles are subjected to confirmation. You can provide the current phone number or email address to confirm your identity.

Principles for Selecting a High-Quality Photo

  • Open look. According to reviews, post photos in which you affably look directly into the lens, that is, into the eyes of likely interlocutors. This immediately creates an atmosphere of trust and friendliness. At least one shot should be like this: with an open, not gloomy face not veiled by dark glasses.
  • Smile. There is no need to build deliberately arrogant or flirtatious grimaces when taking a photo for your page on the site. Imagine seeing something very cute and enjoyable, or remember any funny scene while filming. A natural smile, without pretense and stretched lips, is always attractive. At least one profile picture should be with a cheerfully smiling face.
  • Choose your main photo correctly. A common mistake: putting a collective photo as an avatar. No support group is required on a dating site. Give an opportunity to those interested to consider you properly. A full-length close-up in a relaxed pose is best suited for this. It is undesirable to use selfies for this purpose, even the most successful ones. Traditional photographs are recommended.
  • Expand your interests. Is there something to surprise or brag about? It is quite possible to do this by posting the most successful pictures from sports events. Thus, there is a chance not only to arouse a genuine interest in your rich inner world but also to show off by chance a good physique in the most romantic setting. This is also evidenced by reviews about 2RedBeans.
  • Monitor the quality of your photos. The ideal solution is professional art photography with a beautiful background, optimally exposed lighting that favorably emphasizes the existing external advantages. You just need to avoid excessive officialdom and tension.
2RedBeans cover letter

What to Write About Yourself on 2RedBeans.com?

  • Mini biography. According to the review, the information specified in the profile should be presented as advantageously as possible. Don’t write a dry autobiography like you would when applying for a job. Write lively, with analogies, interesting phrases, and self-irony. Don’t be afraid to educate users about your flaws and weaknesses. Just do it in an interesting and positive way.
  • Catching status. It can be a quote from your favorite movie, novel, “winged” words, just a funny expression. The main thing is not to use vulgarity, obscene language, or tediousness. It is important to be able to accurately describe the situations and circumstances in which you find yourself. There is no need to abuse smilies, exclamations, interrogative expressions, “caps”.

Partner Search

The success of your search largely depends on how well the selected candidates suit you. The more the candidates match your individual criteria and complement you in character, the higher the chance you find a partner for a happy and strong relationship. According to 2RedBeans reviews, the selection of candidates is based on a selection method, the so-called “matching”. Matching is a method of individual selection of suitable users according to the results of common criteria.

In addition to the main personality factors, the search engine covers your individual interests, values, attitudes, ideas about ideal relationships, expectations from a future partner. Thus, when selecting candidates, search results, individual criteria, and activity on the site are taken into account.

You can indicate how important your partner’s social status, attractiveness, or education is. These indicators relate to preferences and may change during the search for a partner. You can change them in the “My Search” section. Pay attention to the two-sided scale for the importance of the criterion and adjust it according to your wishes. We pay great attention to ensuring that the selected candidates match the parameters you are interested in as much as possible.

According to frequent reviews, a user who might fit you according to the main criteria is unlikely to appear on your list of candidates if he or she rarely visits the site. Thus, avoid trying to contact a candidate who may have already met someone or who simply does not have time at the moment. The more often a user visits a site, the higher the likelihood that it will be presented to other users. Therefore, regular visits to the 2RedBeans website increase the chances of finding a suitable partner according to the following criteria:

  • Location;
  • Body type;
  • Education;
  • Marital status;
  • Bad habits.

Free search on 2RedBeans will bring you closer to the woman of your dreams, according to numerous site reviews.

2RedBeans advanced search

2RedBeans Website Alternatives

  2. PlentyOfFish

Pricing & Membership

Free Features

  • Create a profile;
  • Uploading photos;
  • Viewing the profiles of others;
  • Searching for members;
  • Looking for matches;
  • Viewing matches;
  • Sending a wink;
  • Receiving daily matches.

Paid Features

  • Full messaging and read notifications;
  • See visitors and those who are interested in you;
  • More visibility;
  • Be the first to be recommended;
  • Discounts for events;
  • Diamonds;
  • Become invisible.

Paid membership for one month costs $ 35, and for 6 months, the user pays about $ 144. Referring to the review, 2RedBeans.com has its own currency system that you can buy. You can pay by credit card and PayPal. Regardless of which method you choose, rest assured that both are most likely safe. In this review, we inform you that your premium subscription can be automatically renewed. However, any user can cancel it if necessary.


Is 2RedBeans safe? If you are wondering whether 2RedBeans is safe and legal, then this review states that this is one of the safe dating sites among its competitors. All the data are protected by the SSL encryption system that guarantees a high level of security.


The customer support team works around the clock and is ready to help you solve problems that have arisen in connection with online dating. If you notice any suspicious activity, be ready to contact the customer support team. Continue studying the review to know more information regarding the dating online platform.