Hot Russian Women

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Russian ladies make terrific brides and are in high demand across the globe. These females attract men from all around the world because they provide something that western females do not. When you enjoy time with Russian women, you’ll realize why they’re the most popular target among Slavic women. They provide guys with a stunning girl on their hands as well as an excellent partner.

Characteristics of Sexy Russian Women

Many men do not doubt the beauty of hot Russian women. But what kind of wives do they become after marriage? Will she be your personal Maria Sharapova? To find out, look at the typical characteristics of beautiful Russian women:

Being Good at Housekeeping

Mothers teach their daughters to cook from childhood. So, there is no hot Russian woman who cannot prepare a delicious meal. In addition, they like order and do not tolerate disorder in their homes. Thus, you will be sure that your family neighborhood will always be comfortable with a sexy Russian girl nearby.


If a Russian woman loves, she gives everything to her husband. The lady of this country will do everything possible to save the relationship. These women can compromise to avoid divorce. Russian women are very resilient. They manage to combine work, family, and social life. They don’t like to complain and stay positive in all situations.


Ladies of this nationality like to spend time with their families. They can devote all their free time to their spouse and children. Russian women have a highly developed maternal instinct. They love their children even more than themselves. These hot Russian girls strive to give the best things and ensure a high standard of living for their children.

Hot Russian Girls: Why Men Go Head Over Heels For Russian Women?

These ladies are unique. They have many peculiarities that make them so interesting to men. Here are some of them. Russian girls have:


Hot Russian women are embodiments of passion. They like to emphasize their sexuality with the help of short dresses or very tight jeans. In addition, many of them show their passion with their behavior. That is why most of them want to try miss Russia contest.

Sexy Russian women love the attention of men. And they appreciate it when someone shows them that he sees that they are sexy.

The Variety of a Hot Russian Girl

There are no common appearance characteristics for the whole population of the Russian Federation. All women in this country are different. Among them, there are tall and short, skinny and athletic, with blond, dark, chestnut or ginger hair, blue, green, or hazel eyes. The variety of their appearances excites. You will certainly have a great choice.


A Russian girl is proud and confident. They will never run after men. This makes them very attractive to men.


Beautiful Russian women do not have complexes. They are not fixated on the fact that their body may not be perfect. These women are very confident and charismatic. This gives them an extra charm.

Why Are Russian Women So Sexually Attractive?

Where does the beauty of Russian women come from? What is the secret of their beauty? Is attractiveness or sexuality a priority for most of the fair sex of our vast country?

For hot Russian women, beauty is simply the ability to show off. But for them, image is not always the most important thing. True beauty is a combination of naturalness and health. Below we will share tips on beauty for hot Russian women.

Skin Care

Those who visit beauty salons know that there you can choose various procedures, with the help of which it is not difficult to improve the condition of the skin and fight wrinkles. Russian women often turn to professional cosmetologists for help. At the same time, they take care of themselves at home. Sexy Russian ladies spend a large part of their income on buying cosmetics to be miss world. Most often they buy a variety of creams, lotions for removing makeup, as well as tonics and facial masks. They use them every day.

Good Figure

Modern hot Russian women prefer a correct way of life. Of course, like all modern people, they have little time for themselves. Nevertheless, they manage to dedicate about three hours a week to doing sports. This is enough to have a good figure and feel great.

The Popularity of Russian Ladies Among Men

We read on a forum that Russian women are nicer, more attentive, more pleasant in communication, and more interested in the family than Italian women. Another important aspect, but not the most important, is their natural beauty: they are neat, elegant, and feminine.

A Russian girl needs to emphasize her femininity through clothes. Hair is perfectly styled, manicures and pedicures are perfect, besides, it is almost impossible to meet a girl in sneakers. Everyone is dressed in the latest fashion. A lot of Russian hot women spend all day on 12 cm heels (although later I learned that sometimes in a huge bag is another, more comfortable pair of shoes).

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Russian hot women prefer men much older than them. Don’t be surprised if a 20-year-old girl finds a 40-year-old man interesting.

Unlike Western women who love ideal athletic bodies and handsome, brave faces, here are, fortunately, other laws of attractiveness. A small belly will not create any problems, you can be sexy without doing abs. “A man should be just a little more beautiful than a monkey,” says the Russian proverb.

Top 13 Hottest Russian Girls

This rating includes the most beautiful Russian women who have become internationally known top models, singers, actresses, TV presenters, athletes, and public figures. They are compassionate and help organizations like Naked Heart Foundation.

#1 Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich

A famous Russian singer started her career as a figure skater. For this, she entered the Academy of Physical Culture in Moscow. Anna was coached by outstanding figure skaters: E. Chaikovskaya, N. Linichuk, and G. Karponosov.

With the support of producer D. Mishin, Anna created the group “Charlie’s Angels” which had many great music videos. She proved to be a great Russian singer After the band broke up, due to lack of money, she started working on TV. On Channel 3 and 7TV, Anna hosted shows dedicated to sports.

#2 Kseniya Borodina

Kseniya Borodina
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 18.4 million
  • Occupation: TV host, actress
  • Birthdate: 8 March 1983
  • Location: Moscow, Russia

Ksenia Borodina is one of the brightest Russian TV anchorwomen, who is the permanent “hostess” of the longest-running reality show on Russian TV, Dom-2. “Dom-2” was the girl’s debut, which became a fateful one in Ksenia Borodina’s career. With the popularity of the show and the buzz growing around it, the persona of the project host was becoming more and more visible to dating services. Over the years of work as a Russian TV host, she has gained unprecedented popularity. The successes, achievements, and personal life of the TV star and now widely discussed by her many fans.

#3 Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova is a hot Russian woman and a prominent actress in the Russian theater. Thanks to their strong character she managed to overcome difficulties and become happy. Today the celebrity is a mother and a great TV actress, whose repertoire includes many Russian movies.

Zakharova became famous thanks to the shooting in the youth series “Cadethood”, which premiered in 2006. She played a teacher, Polina Sergeyevna, in love with her student. The relationship between the actress heroine and cadet Makarov was interesting to millions of viewers. Nowadays she remains a great film actress.

#4 Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 9.2 million
  • Occupation: TV host, model
  • Birthdate: November 27, 1979
  • Location: Monaco, Monaco

Victoria Bonya is a TV diva, famous Russian model, and blogger. She can rightfully be called the sexiest Russian woman. A simple provincial girl managed to become the idol of millions, and later the guru of a healthy lifestyle, whose opinion is listened to by many young people. Today Victoria, a former reality show participant, and TV presenter sells herself on the Internet. You can already look out for her sports illustrated swimsuit issue.

Now Victoria Bonya is engaged in holding marathons and seminars for beautiful women. Her online course “Woman in a million” is popular. She can easily go for the miss world contest.

#5 Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva is a hot Russian girl who can rival any beauty contest. Her name is in the Guinness Book of Records as a five-time European champion, easily becoming a beauty queen. She is a two-time all-around world champion. On her account are 25 gold medals in the world and European championships, including 1st place in the 2004 Olympics. One cannot miss her beautiful candid photos.

The Olympic champion regularly attends public events, each time surprising with the appearance of a Russian model. In May 2017, the famous Russian once again came out in public, appearing at the Rossiya Concert Hall, where the Alina Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival was held, organized by the Kabayeva Charitable Foundation. Her personal life is closely connected to Vladimir Putin.

#6 Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 54.1 thousand
  • Occupation: Former tennis player
  • Birthdate: 25 January 1987
  • Location: Moscow, Russia

She is an athlete, a smart woman, and a beauty, but not a Komsomol girl. Maria Kirilenko is undoubtedly a recognized professional of Russian and world tennis, as well as her famous colleagues Elena Vesnina, Maria Sharapova, and Elena Dementieva. The acting career of the girl is like an illustration of prioritization. In that regard, she reflects on Maria Sharapova.

Between 2012 and 2014, the tennis player won the top prize of the Miami Masters mix and reached the final of Roland Garros. This is better than any beauty contest. Maria brought back a bronze medal from the London Olympics, which she won together with Nadezhda Petrova. She got lucky with the same Petrova at the end of the WTA tour. This is like trying to get the FIFA world cup.

#7 Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova

Dana Borisova is an actress, journalist, and Russian television anchorwoman whose name is still in the headlines of the news tabloids. The TV diva owes her popularity not only to her attractive looks but also to her ability to avoid life’s troubles by reacting to problems with irony and a smile of a hot Russian chick. She can be the star of any Russian film. The biography of the talk show hostess is a story of a bright and brave person, whose personal life is far from being like a fairy tale. Nevertheless, nobody neglects her being a talented actress.

#8 Lena Perminova

Lena Perminova

Elena Perminova is a fashion model and one of the hottest Russian women. Her road to fame was swift. Yesterday’s ex-model from the Siberian countryside is now one of the landmarks in the fashion world. Western media unanimously recognized her as a street style icon and the face of the “new Russia”, and Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Kourtney Kardashian, and other world celebrities rush to subscribe to Elena’s Instagram account.

#9 Sofia Nikitchuk

Sofia Nikitchuk
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 900,000
  • Occupation: Model, actress
  • Birthdate: 20 October 1993
  • Location: Moscow, Russia

Sofia Nikitchuk’s star lit up in 2015 after her success at many beauty contests. The girl was able to use the opportunities that were given to her by the national fame. Today Sofia is a successful businesswoman, actress, model, and owner of her brand. She had planned to start production for a long time. We launched sales in the summer, during the dead season, but after a couple of months, it became clear that the brand brings high revenues. Even Anna Kournikova envies her success.

#10 Alena Esipova

Alena Esipova
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 1.2 millions
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthdate: 2 February, 1992
  • Location: Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Model Alena Esipova has 630 thousand people subscribed to her, a figure that even many celebrities can’t boast. She is no Russian Swiss model, but her face can be seen on advertising banners all over Scandinavia, on the shows of the most popular Russian designers (for example, Alexander Arutyunov), and, of course, at the loudest events. Many directors want to see her in Russian films.

Alena Esipova was engaged in both dancing and sports and attended a modeling school. If you also maintain the result obtained over the years through a sporty lifestyle, then extra pounds aren’t as bad as Maria Sharapova thinks. At a height of 172, Alena’s parameters are 80-58-86, and it looks very harmonious because the model has a sporty body. Alena often pleases her subscribers with photos of her figure and graceful abs. Anna Kournikova dreams about having a body like this.

#11 Kseniya Burda

Kseniya Burda

Ksenia Burda is the Russian version of Miley Cyrus. But the girl became widely known due to the rumors that have not subsided around her personal life.

At a young age, Ksenia did not even think about working in the modeling business. A key role in the star’s career was played by her hairdresser, who offered a client to star in a commercial for Wella hair care products and then organized photoshoots for many famous magazines.

After that, the girl got a lot of job offers including a Russian playboy. She managed to visit the U.S., France, Thailand, and Azerbaijan. The model was engaged in the promotion of Rouge Bunny Rouge and Alexander Terekhov brands.

#12 Inna Aminova

Inna Aminova
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 25,000
  • Occupation: Fitness coach
  • Birthdate: 19 September 1993
  • Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Inna Aminova is a certified nutrition coach and a popular blogger. Her girls could join any beauty contest. She loves and is insanely proud of each of her girls and sees how much effort and hard work they put into their journey. It’s not fair or right for her to single out the best one, they are all the best for her! Following her techniques, any girl can go for the miss Russia beauty pageant.

She is inspired by all the brilliant and successful Russian women. She watches their interviews, reads books about them, and attends their training. She loves to absorb information from them and strives to try beauty contests.

#13 Maria Way

Maria Way
  • Instagram username:
  • Number of followers: 5.5 millions
  • Occupation: Blogger
  • Birthdate: 3 December, 1993
  • Location: Moscow, Russia

Maria Wei is a beautiful Russian girl who started her way to popularity as a beauty blogger, but every year she has been exploring new horizons of creativity, thus winning the love of millions of fans. An independent review service states that she managed to become a Russian beauty, an actress, and a TV presenter, and then decided to go into music, revealing another facet of her talent.

Her transformation videos received a lot of attention. We showed her subscribers how to do makeup for a beauty pageant. It helps them to look like celebrities, cartoon and movie characters. She managed to try on images of Johnny Depp, Selena Gomez, and Cinderella. You can win beauty contests by using her techniques!

5 Things to Love about Sexy Russian Girls

In every aspect, hot Russian women are the real women that can stunningly wear high heels. They always act sexy on dating sites. They will never aspire to be like western ladies, who take satisfaction in seeming seductive to their lovers. Who needs miss universe Canada when she can be the center of your universe? Here are the best things that Russian woman incorporates:

Focus on the Family

Abroad, women are overly focused on their job. For Russian women, family well-being is the priority. Sexy Russian women cannot wait until they get old enough. They are constantly being told that they should get married ASAP. However, not all Russian girls are ready to have a baby until the so-called level of 30 years. Nevertheless, a foreigner will be glad to meet such a Russian girl. You will not find a more faithful wife.

No Lovers

In some European countries, it is normal to show your second lover. Those who dislike it might want to try the lovely hands of sexy Russian girls who are ready to be with them forever. But it is true: a sexy Russian woman does not need to seek entertainment from other men. She has decided, period. Cheating means being extremely insecure. It is awful for the sexiest Russian women. A beautiful Russian woman won’t leave you even if she could have won Miss Russia.

Cooking Skills

Since childhood, hot Russian girls were raised with the mindset that men have bottomless stomachs. A few years later she realizes that leaving men alone with cooking is equal to creating a nuclear weapon. Foreigners are convinced that a hot Russian woman will not let him starve to death.

Russian Women Are Reserved and Calm

There is an opinion about the character of a sexy Russian woman: that, unlike a European woman, a sexy Russian woman will not put too much pressure on her husband, let him do incomprehensible things, and his wife will always understand and forgive. But it all depends on dating companies.

Man Is the Leader

With the development of feminism, Western women are an increasingly aggressive assertion of their rights. Hot Russian women, on the other hand, want a man to always be in the lead. The situation is historical: due to various circumstances, Russian women experienced an acute shortage of male power, which is why the representatives of the male sex were considered of great value in the life of any woman. Back then, dating services would have been in huge demand.


This essay has demonstrated that hot Russian women are stunning. As mentioned in the text, there is a high demand for females for good reason. Online dating institutions in the Russian Federation might be your best bet for finding the right bride. They are eager to talk with foreign men and start a relationship with them.


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