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Typical Сolombian women are an example of hotties with natural beauty. A typical sexy Colombian girl has a curvy body even in case Colombian women do not visit the gym regularly. Colombian women are of average height, but Colombian women have really long, sexy, and taut legs. Colombian girls and beautiful Colombian women have tanned skin with a beautiful cocoa shade and long and dark hair.

Also, local ladies are owners of brown and sometimes green eyes or brown eyes, their noses are little and nice and their lips are lush and big. Be sure that once you meet these ladies, you will find out immediately who you are dealing with.

Take a Look at Top-15 Hot Colombian Women Here

A sexy Colombian girl is not only incredibly beautiful, but beautiful women are also popular around the world. In this section of our independent review service, we would like to introduce your attention to Top-15 hot and famous Colombian ladies.

#1 Zulay Henao

Zulay Henao
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 292k
  • Occupation: Actress, Producer
  • Birthdate: May 29th, 1979
  • Location: Medellín, Antioquia, Columbia

Zulay Henao was born in Colombia, however, later she emigrated to the US. You will be surprised because this beauty served for three years in the U.S. army right after her graduation from high school.

But apparently, the Latin America lady understood that she wanted to connect her life with acting. And she didn’t fail because her pretty face and beautiful appearance made her famous. She appeared in a lot of different movies and made a career on television as a prosperous American actress such as Ariana James.

#2 Sofa Vergara

Sofa Vergara
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 25.4 million
  • Occupation: TV Actress, Model in Venus swimwear, TV Presenter
  • Birthdate: July 10, 1972
  • Location: Barranquilla, Atlántico, Columbia

Sofa is the best actress and TV presenter in Colombia. She was one of the highest-paid actresses on television along with Sara Corrales and Ariana James till the end of the 2010s. We may say that she started her career due to a lucky accident when she met a photographer while she was walking on the Colombian beach.

After that, she began to receive a lot of proposals for shooting as a model. Just like Ariana James she also takes part in a Diet Pepsi commercial with Beckham. After that, her popularity grew even more.

#3 Shakira

  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 72.3 million
  • Occupation: Singer and Songwriter
  • Birthdate: 2 February 1977
  • Location: Barranquilla, Columbia

Shakira needs no further introduction. She is a world-famous Colombian singer from the Latin American country. Her song “ Waka Waka ” even became the official soundtrack for the World Cup in 2010.

And it’s not surprising since her career started when she was only 13 years old. Shakira is a good dancer since she independently performs the production of all her dances. Also, Shakira is well-known for her charity for poor children all over Colombia.

#4 Paola Turbay

Paola Turbay
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 1.1 million
  • Occupation: model
  • Birthdate: November 29, 1970
  • Location: Houston, Texas, U.S.

Paola Turbay is a sexy Colombian actress and model that is well known in the world of fashion. A psychologist by education she tied her life with a career as a model. However, she did not stop in her career as a model and continued to develop herself as an actress and presenter of news.

You may have seen her in some of the Colombian and American series such as Noticias Calientes (“Hot News”) on a famous Colombian TV channel or the American series “ Cane ”, which has become really famous, but, unfortunately, closed after the first season. And in 2006 she also participated in presenting the Colombian version of Dancing with the Stars.

Paola is married to Alejandro Estrada and has two children.

#5 Carla Ossa

Carla Ossa

Carla is a Colombian model and she started her career as a child model. However, at the age of 12, she had to leave child modeling since she grew out of all clothes for children.

However, she returned to modeling as an adult. And her return was successful since she has been represented by the well-known model agency Elite Model Management which is located in Paris. After that, she appeared on the pages of popular Colombian magazines such as Self or Veintitantos.

#6 Ana Lucia Domingues

Ana Lucia Domingues
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 2.4 million
  • Occupation: model, actress
  • Birthdate: December 2, 1983
  • Location: Bogotá, Columbia

Ana is a famous model and actress in Colombia. Ana says in her interviews that she has been dreaming about a career since her childhood. As a result, just at the age of 9 years old, she starred in her first commercial videos for Colombian television.

At a more mature age, this Latin America lady started starring as a leading actress in Colombian soap operas. Such as “Perro Amor” (Puppy Love) or “La Traicionera” (The Treacherous One). Despite the fact that her height was not too high to become a model, she achieved success in the model business without any problem.

#7 Angie Cepeda

Angie Cepeda
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 444k
  • Occupation: actress
  • Birthdate: 2 August 1974
  • Location: Cartagena de Indias, Columbia

Angie or Angélica is a well-known Colombian actress. She is now 47 years old, but it doesn’t stop her from looking gorgeous. Like other hot Colombian girls and most beautiful Colombian women, she started her acting career in commercials.

After that, she started her career on television as an actress in soap operas. Fame came to Angie when getting her role in the famous Colombian series Las Juanas in 1998. After this, her career began to gain momentum. She started to receive offers from different directors to play in other popular series.

However, she didn’t stop on Television and decided to conquer the big screens. She even has a role in the film “Kill Chain” with Nicolas Cage and gives her voice to Julieta from the cartoon “Encanto”.

#8 Carmen Villalobos

Carmen Villalobos
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 19.5 million
  • Occupation: actress
  • Birthdate: 13 July 1983
  • Location: Barranquilla, Columbia

Carmen received huge fame due to her roles in popular Colombian series. Her most famous work is the series “ Sin senos no hay paraíso ”, where she played the role of Catalina Santana.

After this role, she received huge acclaim from critics. As a result, she began to receive more and more offers with new roles. There is not too much information about her personal life and early childhood, since the Colombian beauty doesn’t really like to talk about her private life.

However, we know that she is married to Sebastián Caicedo, with whom she had a long relationship and will get married in 2019.

#9 Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez was one of five children in her family. Despite the fact that her family did not live too wealthy she always wanted to become famous. And she did since she won the title of Miss Colombia in 2012 at the age of 20 years old.

Unfortunately, Miss Colombia did not win the next title of Miss Universe in 2013, however, that decision is debatable as she looked gorgeous that day. At the current moment, Laura Sanchez continues her modeling career and actively maintains her blog on Instagram, where she loves to share happy moments with her boyfriend.

#10 Margarita Rosa De Francisco

Margarita Rosa De Francisco

Margarita is a famous Colombian actress and the peak of her career falls at the end of the 80s. She has been well-known due to her acting in the Colombian telenovelas “Calamar” and Brigada Central.

However, even nowadays Margarita remains famous among the Colombian people due to her significant roles in Colombian soap operas. Nevertheless, acting is not her only talent. When she achieved success in acting she also started a musical career.

In 1997 she released her album and it was well-received by critics. Nowadays Margarita has around a million subscribers on her Instagram account, where she shares her life with followers.

#11 Danna Garcia

Danna Garcia
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 3.5 million
  • Occupation: Actress, model
  • Birthdate: February 4, 1978
  • Location: Medellín, Columbia

She was born in the family of famous Colombian model Claudia Osuna. Garcia is an example of a sexy Colombian woman. Danna became famous due to her roles in the popular American and Colombians series. Her most popular work series are soap operas: “Perro amor”, and “Un gancho al corazón”.

After her popularity began to grow she received a contract with popular magazines and cosmetic companies such as Garnier and Maybelline New York. She made a lot of commercials with these cosmetic giants, which made her even more popular.

Nowadays Danna is a loving mother to her son Dante and wife to her husband Iván González.

#12 Diana Patricia Hoyos

Diana Patricia Hoyos
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 1.4 million
  • Occupation: Actress, singer
  • Birthdate: 22 April 1985
  • Location: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Columbia

Diana Hoyos is a popular Colombian actress. Her fame started from the moment when she took part in a popular show “Popstars”, where she became a finalist. Then, she made her debut in some popular Colombian soap operas such as “el Chivo” or “Nurses”.

After she received glory on Colombian television, she tried to conquer Hollywood. She didn’t receive huge roles on the big screens. However, she got some episodical roles in popular American movies such as “ Never Back Down.

That’s why she gained her place on our list of the most beautiful Colombian women.

#13 Barbara Turbay

Barbara Turbay
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 224k
  • Occupation: Influencer, model
  • Birthdate: August 15, 1991
  • Location: Bogota, Columbia

This Colombian model began to receive her popularity from Instagram, where this hot Colombian girl started to post her photos. This sexy Colombian woman received her first 200k followers really fast, and this sexy Colombian woman continues to keep her blog active till nowadays. But it’s not only achievement of this hot Colombian woman.

Barbara also took part in a lot of different beauty contests. This hot Colombian woman won the title of Miss Bogota in 2011 and even took part as a Colombian representative in the Miss Universe competition in 2012.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough information regarding the personal life of this beauty, because this hot Colombian girl practically does not show her personal life to the public.

#14 Manuela Arbelaez

Manuela Arbeláez
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 71.2k
  • Occupation: Model, actress
  • Birthdate: September 9, 1988
  • Location: Medellin, Columbia

Foreign men at least once in their lives have heard about this hot and sexy Colombian. Manuela is well-known in Colombia due to her participation in Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Unfortunately, this hot Colombian girl has not become a beauty pageant winner at that time, but she won a 6-the place among other sexy Colombian girls. This hot Colombian girl is an example of many of the hottest Colombian women.

#15 Carolina Guerra

Carolina Guerra
  • Instagram username:
  • The number of followers: 595k
  • Occupation: model, actress, tv personality
  • Birthdate: 30 July 1987
  • Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Carolina is a beautiful Colombian woman who succeeds in all areas of her life. Carolina was model born and that’s why this hot Colombian woman started her modeling career really soon, at the age of 15 years old.

Already at the age of 18, this hot Colombian woman appeared in her first TV series called “ El Ventilador ”. For her stunning appearance, she received the crown of Miss Bogotá in the year 2005. Carolina is well known among Latin American countries.

Where Can I Meet Colombian Women?

In case you are not ready to move to Latin American countries, you can always meet sexy Colombian women on different dating sites and dating companies. Do not rush to move to another country, you can just use some dating services to meet a lot of hot Colombian women.

Why Are Colombian Women Hot?

Sexy Colombian girls and beautiful Colombian women are owners of passionate characters. Be sure that once you will start meeting local women you will understand what is at stake. A typical Colombian girl will definitely have a passionate nature, a fit body, and just stunning physical features. All this makes Colombia the most beautiful woman in the world.

Why Are Hot Columbian Women Looking For a Foreign Husband?

Hot Colombian women are not able to find the right men even in such a Populous country like Colombia. That’s the reason why sexy Colombian women become male-order brides. Hot Colombian chicks really want to marry men from popular countries such as the USA or Canada. Of course, it’s not the only reason why beautiful Colombian girls don’t want to stay in Colombia. Colombian women just don’t see their future in this country, so mail order brides try their best to find a better life in other countries.

Why Are Hot Colombian Girls So Popular Today?

A sexy Colombian girl is known for her exotic appearance, incredible figures, and beautiful faces. Men all over the world are dreaming about dating one of the hot Colombian women.

What Else Attracts Men to Sexy Colombian Women?

Colombian sexy women are also well-known for their hot character, which combines passion and femininity in just an amazing way. Hottest Colombian women also like using different styles in their wardrobe and makeup.

Colombian Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating a Hot Colombian Girl

If you want to start dating a hot Colombian woman you need to have these qualities:

  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Generosity
  • Solicitude
  • Kindness

What Are Colombian Wives Like?

Every sexy Colombian girl once this Colombian woman gets married becomes a loving wife. Be sure that these hot ladies can not only seduce you on dating site but also love and cook. It’s not in vain that Latina women are considered the perfect wives. Once you find yourself a hot Colombian girl you will be convinced of it.

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